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Questions relating to academic supervision, which is broadly defined as the supervisory relationship between advisors and their students.

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New small result vs. Old big result for MSc thesis?

I have recently started supervising MSc students in Statistics and I noticed a trend: students who produce a NEW small result are often more challenged by reviewers/markers of their dissertation than ...
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Recommendation for getting into a different field in Computer Science as first year CS master

I am currently co-supervised by 2 profs and my Master's thesis would be on the intersection of both their work: along the lines of compiler, programming languages and machine learning. However, I'm ...
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What is meant by "representative of a University" in French universities?

I am planning to visit a British laboratory. They asked me to sign a form by the representative of my home university. I do not understand who this representative is supposed to be: our director or ...
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What resources should a PhD student expect their advisor to have?

I am contemplating changing PhD advisors and wanted opinions as to whether I am being too critical and if there is any basis to my concerns. I am a little over a year into the PhD program and am with ...
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Choosing a project for a fresh graduate student

I am starting to advise a new graduate student for M.Sc. degree (in theoretical computer science), and I am considering what should be the first problem they should work on. One option is a small and ...
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Should the supervisor work in the laboratory with the student during M.Sc.?

I was just employed in the foreign university as assistant professor. I am going to have one M.Sc. student soon but I am not sure how much independence should he get. At my previous university we ...
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Doing a STEM Masters after a non-recognized Masters/PhD

I am from a third-world African country. I have a STEM Masters degree from a non-recognized university (ranked 3000 or more worldwide). I am doing a PhD at the same university where I will be ...
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Is there a multi-supervisor multi-author PhD thesis culture anywhere in the world?

Current PhD training culture involves supervisor student relationship, atleast at my institute. There is a risk associated with single point failures that might arise as a result of testing a ...
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What kinds of student mentorship and supervision merit inclusion on CV?

An academic can mentor or supervise a student in many different ways, but I'm unclear about what actually merits inclusion on a CV. Some examples that are clear cut to me include: -dissertation ...
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Advice for PhD: Number of Applications (Humanities)

I am currently a postgraduate whose degree is near completion, and I would like to apply for a PhD in the United Kingdom. I am a first generation student which means that I have limited awareness of ...
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Statistics on the number of PhD/postdoc by Professor across fields/universities/countries?

I am wondering whether there are some available sources for statistics on the average number of PhD students and postdocs by Professor/supervisor across different fields, universities or countries? I ...
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If I find an error in my archived doctoral thesis, should I immediately tell my advisor or wait to see if it will be published before doing so?

I recently found a mistake in my thesis while submitting a postdoc application. I realized that I messed up my reaction rate quantification of one protein where I assigned too large of an intensity ...
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What are my responsibilities as a PhD student (among other questions on the "big picture")?

Background: I'm a second-year Ph.D. student at a Canadian university that ranked 100 ish in the world (so that hopefully means we do a decent amount of research not just teaching). I'm fully funded (...
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How to persuade my supervisor to write a recommendation letter for P.h.D in the US?

I am currently a MS student at EE department at my final year pursing my thesis. I could not publish any of my works yet however I am willing to submit one journal paper for publishing at the end of ...
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Waiting for thesis corrections from supervisor, how should I write an email reminding him?

I sent part of my thesis to my supervisor a month ago. He replied that he would contact me as soon as he finished the correction. I'm afraid he forgot that. Would you have an example of a formal ...
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Potential Collaborators insisting on Joining Supervision Panel

TLDR: Researchers wanting to join supervisory team instead of collaborating, why? I have started my PhD for awhile now and I am gearing up for my confirmation presentation (research proposal defence)....
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Will quitting PhD after six months affect my ability to get another?

I've been at my current PhD for six months but in that time have only had 3 meetings with my supervisor, the last of which was over 2 months ago. Worse than that, I've tried enquiring about our next ...
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Lot of time an energy spent on a field and lab based Master's thesis but subsequently ignored

I am (was) a mature student with 20 years previous commercial experience Over the course of two extensive field trips plus lab work during my Masters degree I developed and promoted some interesting ...
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A question about thesis supervisor responsibility

I have heard many people in academics state that a thesis is a students own project and that only the student is responsible for its quality and completion. Unfortunatelythis does not agree with my ...
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I am close to admission to a PhD program. How should I get a co-supervisor from another school?

I am close to be admitted to a PhD program. How can I get a co-supervisor from another school ? U21 is not the only alternative, but I did explore it. My potential school participates in U21. However, ...
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masters thesis supervisor hands-on importance?

TLDR: how important is having a hands-on supervisor for my masters thesis? I recently started a one-year MA in sociology at a large uni in Europe (after having attended a SLAC for undergrad). My ...
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Canada PhD : Can you give me some advice on co-supervision issues?

I am posting this on a throwaway account. I am 2.5 years into my PhD in Canada and to keep the long story short, my main supervisor proposed me a research discipline that he never worked on before. ( ...
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How do I change my PhD stipend from a private to a public one whilst keeping the same research project and owning the IP? (v2)

I'm 1 year into my PhD and don't want to be involved with the private cooperative research centre (CRC) who is funding my PhD anymore. How do I change my stipend from a private to a public one whilst ...
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PhD Supervisor not answering any emails

I am an accepted PhD student with funding and thesis based supervised by a professor. For 2 weeks my supervisor has not answered emails I have sent and I have sent the same one 3 times in the last 2 ...
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What can I do if I face conflicts with my supervisor?

I am an international Ph.D. student in Canada. I have many conflicts with my supervisor and I really don't enjoy working under his supervision and I prefer to change my supervisor. However, the ...
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Should I choose my former supervisor as a referee, even though my personal issues unfairly put him under a lot of pressure?

This question is potentially UK-specific. A couple of weeks ago I received a conditional offer of appointment to become a temporary Coronavirus Response worker in a Welsh NHS hospital, and now I am ...
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Can a supervisor share the research reports of his/her PhD student?

In responses to the answers given to this question, I asked a question. From the answer to my question, I think the problem is rooted in different interpretations of the original question. Since I ...
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