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On the use of statistics in academic research. Statistics is the science of collecting, analyzing and drawing inference from data. Do not use this tag for questions about 'statistics' as a subdiscipline of mathematics or field of study; use 'mathematics' instead.

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Number of international doctoral students in the US: how to reconcile OECD data and SEVIS data?

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the US Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) apparently disagree on the number of international doctoral ...
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Overview of the mathematical (and computer science) world by countries

I am looking for statistics of research done in mathematics and computer science by country. I found reports for Thainland, Kyrgyzstan and Finland in mathematics. Where can I find similar statistics ...
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Statistics on the number of PhD/postdoc by Professor across fields/universities/countries?

I am wondering whether there are some available sources for statistics on the average number of PhD students and postdocs by Professor/supervisor across different fields, universities or countries? I ...
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Label to report percentage of recurrent/new authors in conference submissions

We would like to report some stats on the submissions for a specific conference, but we are unsure whether similar statistics have been reported elsewhere, and if we should consequently adopt an ...
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Choosing a benchmark

I am a professor currently involved in our accreditation application. In one section of the application, I must define our program strengths based on statistical data. Our statistical data is ...
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PhD in statistics vs applied math for quantitative research?

I'm currently a rising undergraduate senior pursuing a dual degree in both mathematics and quantitative finance. I am interested in pursuing a PhD with the dream of going into quantitative research. I ...
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When struggling with an important course right before applying to grad school, is it better to withdraw or get a C grade?

I am a undergraduate economics student who is looking to apply to PhD statistics programs next year. I don't have the strongest math background because I started my undergraduate studies looking to go ...
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A year in industry and back to a postdoc in a different field

I am finishing my PhD in a Statistics department, but my thesis is basically Math. I want to spend a year or two in the industry and then apply for a postdoc in Stats. However,.. It will be hard, so ...
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