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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education systems in countries in South-East Asia, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Do odds of admission into competitive college increase for an international student if they have pre-existing qualifications in country?

Suppose I am an international student X living in country Y and I apply to university Z in a european country/developed asian country Q. Would my chance for admission into Z, if applied, depend ...
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Are there any "non-research" jobs in Asian HiEd available to foreigners? [closed]

it is me again. If anyone has experience working in SE Asia, I would love to hear from you. I am wondering if there are any "non-research" jobs in Asian universities and colleges. I have a ...
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Kinds of jobs that ex-biologist can apply? [closed]

I am in need of some “brainstorming” help/advice for my job search. Here is a brief re-cap of my situation: a person from Eastern Europe, did a lack-luster Ph.D with zero supervision or mentorship in ...
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International Student applying for a PhD in a university in Taiwan

I am a student doing my Masters in India, and was considering doing a PhD (in computer science, specifically ML) in a university in Taipei, Taiwan. I went to their website, but couldn't find some of ...
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How should one advertise a program if it doesn't lead to jobs?

(Asking this since similar themes have come up in a conversation with a friend) So-and-so physics department has decided to start teaching more astrophysics classes, because they need more students. ...
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