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Queries related to various software used in academia. Questions shall not address highly technical aspects of the software but shall address features/issues highly relevant to academia. For questions concerning computer code written or used in the context of a research project or other academic endeavour (including questions on licensing, ownership, sharing, distribution, and formatting of academic source code), use the `code` tag instead.

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Is there a python wrapper covering multiple scholarly resources API endpoints?

Question: Does anybody know of a Python Wrapper containing a number of the mentioned APIs listed by MIT? Context: I want to execute a systematic literature review, and apply bibliometrics/ citation ...
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Free alternative to kahoot live quizzes?

Is there any free (ideally open-source) alternative to Kahoot for making live quizzes? I used to like Kahoot for live classroom quizzes, but recently they've changed their pricing model to only allow ...
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State-of-the-art animated handwritten slideshow software

This is a remake/sequel of the 2015 question Handwritten presentation slides?. Surely much has changed in these five years. I have seen lots of presentations combining typed text/equations and ...
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Citing contributors to open source project when publishing to Zenodo

appleseed, our open source (MIT) physically-based rendering software, is used in various circles, one of them being academia. We have been asked to obtain a DOI so that our software could be cited. ...
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Have there been attempts to get around "DeWitt clause"-like license restrictions?

(This is a complementary question to: Has the DeWitt Clause, which prevents publication of named DBMS benchmarks, ever been successfully defended in court?) Several commercial database vendors ...
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Which authors do I use when citing technical documentation which is community-editable and has multiple contributors?

Let's take this sample page from Microsoft Docs. It lists multiple contributors (linked below the heading), some from the community with nicknames, as the pages can be edited by practically everyone ...
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Experience with paid English grammar and style software for writing papers?

I'm looking to suggest to our institute to invest in a paid software for helping writing, along the lines of Grammarly Premium, Antidote 10 or something similar. Does anyone have any experience with ...
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Best sketching app with line assist for android tablet using a stylus

Are there any good sketching apps for an Android tablet? I like the idea of sketching with a stylus however the lines usually end up looking quite shaky. The goal is to use it either real time during ...
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Link to ORCID when revising a paper on editorial manager

When I started revising my paper on Editorial Manager, it required me to link to my ORCID (see the attached). I do have an ORCID account, and after I logged in, nothing happened, i.e., the ORCID was ...
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Alternatives to Mendeley or Qiqqa to manage PDF and autoextract meta-data?

Having been a long term user of both Mendeley and Qiqqa, I have to switch to another tool that offers in particular: the ability to bulk upload PDF and autoextract meta-data / bibTex info manage all ...
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Are there reference managers which can develop/build library of references without importing/downloading PDF files in a personal collection?

In a situation where one has PDFs which one would like to have a library of references for, I notice that reference management providers (specifically Mendeley and Endnote) require that these PDF ...
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Cost-sharing for survey research

I've heard that in some social science departments, simple survey-based "experiments" are done by distributing a survey packet to some population (e.g., students in an intro psych course). This ...
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Possibility of doing mathematical/theoretical research with software-development principles

I come from a mathematical physics background, so I have very little experience with other areas of Math, so what I say may not apply to mathematics research in general obviously (and probably much ...
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