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Queries related to various software used in academia. Questions shall not address highly technical aspects of the software but shall address features/issues highly relevant to academia. For questions concerning computer code written or used in the context of a research project or other academic endeavour (including questions on licensing, ownership, sharing, distribution, and formatting of academic source code), use the `code` tag instead.

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Tutoring Unfamiliar Material

Context: I've been tutoring in software development for the better part of this year. I've been a hobbyist and student software engineer for the last 3 years and I have decent experience in a few ...
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How would one cite images from Logos Bible Software?

I have done a word study using Logos Bible Software. I have images of how much the word 'agape' in Greek is used in the LXX and NT. How would I cite these images in Chicago Manual of Style?
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How to publicize my rewrite of another group's software, should I try to get citations for it, and how would I attribute original authors

Four years ago, another group published a paper describing a new method for estimating an important parameter in my field. The method is theoretically elegant, has good accuracy in their benchmarks, ...
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Which software can check on false references and incorrect citation on student papers?

I'm a TA at a medium-sized university in Asia, and as part of my routine, I randomly review student papers before using Turnitin for plagiarism checks. During these reviews, I've come across numerous ...
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Paid translation service for research papers [closed]

As a research/lab manager, I am looking for (paid) translation service to translate academic papers. Does anyone know of a good option? In my case I am looking for a German to English translation. I ...
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With a software engineering bachelor's (BE), how can I work on finding a cure for cancer?

I am in my last year of studies for a bachelor's degree in software engineering and I am currently considering different options for my career path. I don't have any background in medicine, but I ...
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Entering conference outputs in Pure (Elsevier)

Many universities (including my own) use Pure (an Elsevier product for institutional research information management) to report research outputs. My question is about entering conference outputs in ...
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Program/Process for updating calculation results in manuscripts

When writing a manuscript, my current practice is to conduct whichever calculations needed in one specific program (e.g. Python or Matlab) then copy and paste the result of the calculation into the ...
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What citation software orders Vancouver references automatically?

I know that MS Word can create numbered citations, but it doesn't include Vancouver style. I'm hesitant to try to install the Vancouver code on Word (not sure I have the skill to do that). I want to ...
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Best sketching app with line assist for android tablet using a stylus

Are there any good sketching apps for an Android tablet? I like the idea of sketching with a stylus however the lines usually end up looking quite shaky. The goal is to use it either real time during ...
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Is the submission number in EasyChair random or indicative of the total number of submissions already created?

I submitted my paper in EasyChair website and I got a submission number 3100. My supervisor told me that this is a random number and it is not the real number of all submissions before mine. Is any ...
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Should one reference used software frameworks in the bibliography? [duplicate]

We are currently working on a paper in Deep Learning and are discussing if and when to cite the software or hardware we used. For example, we used the PyTorch framework to implement our models, so we ...
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Using Grammarly in Article writing [closed]

I'm sure you have heard about or seen Grammarly app's ads. Do you recommend using it to proof read your articles before sending them for review?
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What software can extract block diagrams from pdf?

I am looking for ways to extract block diagrams systematically from a folder of pdfs so that I can compare them quickly. I tried pyMuPDF but it does not exactly extract figures but all the bitmaps in ...
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How do you benchmark against another paper's result if their code is not released, and my replication of their method obtain different results? [duplicate]

I've developed an algorithm that I believe should theoretically improves upon a previous work. In the previous work, the authors have provided results for a baseline method and their own method. The ...
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How can I generate an elegant (academic) static CV web page?

A friend of mine has a personal website, including a CV laid out on a page of that site (i.e. not a downloadable PDF/ODT/DOC) document. I want to help them spruce up that page somewhat. Now, this ...
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Mendeley Reference Manager jumping inside the document [closed]

I am using Mendeley Reference Manager to read research papers and group them into collections. During reading we often jump to references (such as Figures or Tables) or citations (to see the name of ...
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Possibility of doing mathematical/theoretical research with software-development principles

I come from a mathematical physics background, so I have very little experience with other areas of Math, so what I say may not apply to mathematics research in general obviously (and probably much ...
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Software for creating hand-written slides that are revealed gradually

I am looking for software to create slides like these. I want everything to be hand-drawn/hand-written. I don't want to draw/write anything at the time of presentation, but I want parts of the slides ...
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Which authors do I use when citing technical documentation which is community-editable and has multiple contributors?

Let's take this sample page from Microsoft Docs. It lists multiple contributors (linked below the heading), some from the community with nicknames, as the pages can be edited by practically everyone ...
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I have developed a tool which I think can benefit others. Can I publish this to a journal? [duplicate]

I'm a physicist and have written a tool which greatly simplifies my job. Instead of needing to worry about implementation details I can now simply input my data and the software will do all necessary ...
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Free and easy-to-use tools/softwares to draw scientific diagrams for physics [closed]

I am typing some physics lecture notes for which I am using TeX. What good options are available to draw freehand diagrams easily and also convert them easily to pdf, png, jpg, etc that I can attach ...
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Speech to text software/dictation program thats worthwhile for researchers? [closed]

I tend to be glacially slow in writing up my publications, and I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to invest in a speech-to-text program to dictate my rough drafts. Has anyone had a positive ...
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Which software is appropriate for drawing complicated block diagrams in academic papers?

What sort of software can I use to make block diagrams, such as those used in machine learning papers? For example, this graph: From the paper:
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Proper credit when original author left

My company has tasked me with writing a paper to be published on some of our software. The what and why isn't particularly relevant to the story except that it's purely software driven approach. No ...
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interpretation software [closed]

Does anyone know a software that is able to interpret a report. I need help for regularly marking 90 paper, each about 2000 words. This is ver time consuming. I was wondering if anyone is aware an `AI ...
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Software platform for out-of-academia research collaboration

I've been volunteered (sort of) to help a subgroup of an activist group set up some on-line platform for (better) collaboration, and organization/storage of a base information. The subject is ...
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Which software/website is used to make diagrams like these? These look really good and this seems to be the most popular style I see in publications [closed]

I see this style of diagrams in most good IEEE conference papers/journals and wish to know which software is used for these? They seem to be able to lighten parts of diagram, use multiple colours etc.
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Head of the department said statistics exams must be done without software, otherwise it's cheating. What can I do as a lecturer? [closed]

I am a statistics lecturer at a university. For midterms and short exams, I have students use software such as StatCrunch or Excel for computational questions, but not theoretical questions. The head ...
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What is the term for managing programs and their relationship with students within a university? [closed]

I'm developing a web application to help conduct assessments for a college. I have several components in the application: Component Description Content Deals with the management of the content (...
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What is the best way to get my test questions from a Word document into an online assessment tool?

Since the pandemic, my department has been encouraging faculty to shift their assessments online. I've been holding off because I've heard from others how laborious it is to enter my test questions ...
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What good email service alternatives are available for academics in China?

I am based in China and am desperate to find a good email service as a researcher. The university email has suspicious delays and is probably censored. I used to rely on Gmail, but Google is blocked ...
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Software for projecting the PC screen to an android/iphone without intermediate services

I'm giving a class next semester in a room with no preinstalled projector system and next to non-existent wifi accessibility (during the busy hours its not possible to connect to the router; let ...
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What online writing software is used in your country for academic papers? [duplicate]

I am looking for ideas to understand what is out there. I am familiar with overleaf, word online and google docs. I understand this is not really scientific but if you are familiar with general habits ...
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Should I include a supervisor as a co-author of an R package?

I am a postdoc in finance and I have just developed an R package on my own as part of a research paper with three co-authors. At the moment, we have a methodological paper in review and I would like ...
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Why do most journals use separate manuscript submission systems?

As you all are familiar, most journals use manuscripts submission systems hosted on some separate domain. Why is that so, are there some other benefits except separation of the presentation layer and ...
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Is there a python wrapper covering multiple scholarly resources API endpoints?

Question: Does anybody know of a Python Wrapper containing a number of the mentioned APIs listed by MIT? Context: I want to execute a systematic literature review, and apply bibliometrics/ citation ...
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Is publishing in a journal considered "commercial use"?

A lot of software offer student or academic licenses that prohibit the use of the software for commercial purposes. A lot of scientific journals are edited by for-profit companies and publish papers ...
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Is there any tool to make checking that referencing is correct easier?

Is there any tool to make checking that referencing is correct easier? I sometimes find that after I've written a lot of text I begin to question, whether it is possible that I've referenced wrong ...
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What tried and tested possibilities are there to create a poster without using LaTeX? [duplicate]

What tried and tested possibilities are there to set up a (nice) poster for a conference without using LaTeX? I find LaTeX always cumbersome for that purpose and I am curious about alternatives.
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Citing a Matlab live script

How do I cite or reference Matlab live script? I want to cite/reference a Matlab live script that is published on my university's homepage. How to do that correctly? The script has a detailed ...
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What software is best for digitally commenting on drafts papers? [closed]

As I am asked more and more to review drafts of articles, I was wondering what software is best for giving comments digitally on draft papers (pdfs)? I know this is opinion-based, but I am curious ...
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9 answers

Which software is used to write scientific textbooks, especially in engineering?

Which software do learned professionals use - LaTeX or Google Docs or Word or any other software to write their books (especially engineering level scientific textbooks)? Points to consider: Could ...
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Transforming Development and Management Practices

Disclaimer, I already posted this on StackOverflow and got advised to post it on "The Workplace" where I got advised to post it on "Academia". Please don't send me back to ...
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Checking Plagiarism among student's work (PDF documents)

I want to check the plagiarism among the students work. I have student's assignments and looking forward if I can make some settings in Turnitin to test the plagiarism only among student's work. I ...
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START v2 (Softconf): what markup is allowed in reviews? [closed]

Softconf's START Conference Manager v2 is a web-based conference management system that is widely used, at least in the field of computational linguistics. Academics using the site enter plain-text ...
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On choosing a license for software in academia

In my university, professors in Computer Science decide by themselves the licenses for the code of their research group. This happens without consulting the university legal team (or the university, ...
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Students admit illicit behavior in private communication: how should I proceed?

I am an adjunct professor at a University for a course where the students have to use a certain software "X" during the course. The software is distributed under a proprietary license; our ...
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Are software citations indexed?

It is encouraged to cite relevant software in research papers (e.g. MIT guide). The question is, Are these citations indexed at all by any engine? I can hardly find any software on e.g. google scholar ...
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Adding pictures to mathematical academic papers [duplicate]

I was wondering if there is this "universal" program that generates a picture of a graph (you make), then exports it to SVG form. The SVG is because I want to export my whole project to PDF, ...
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