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Queries about making friends and connections within academia, and behavior at academic social functions.

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Any other PhD students getting time anxiety?

Let me explain. I’m a second year student and I’m sharing an office with about 10 other people. We all get on and it’s great now that everyone managed to make it back thanks to the easing of lockdown ...
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Reaching out to colleagues [duplicate]

I'm a PhD student going into my second year. I spent my first year working alone at home thanks to the pandemic. I received an email from my supervision team to say that campus is reopening and they ...
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Making friends in postgraduate education? How? [duplicate]

I'm returning to the office and haven't had the opportunity to physically meet the 10 or so people I'll be sharing it with in the coming year. Not all of them are researching the same thing as me and ...
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Making friends in academia and building connections

I started a new faculty position this past fall, which also entailed moving to a new city where I don't know anyone. When I first moved here, I was excited about getting to know my colleagues, as they ...
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