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On standards or conventions specific to social science as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field

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Advice for Returning to Academia - CS/SOC

Looking for career-strategy advice here. I'm a recent Sociology PhD (Computational Network Social Science), who took a 6 year leave during my PhD to work as a Software Engineer with a handful of ...
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masters thesis supervisor hands-on importance?

TLDR: how important is having a hands-on supervisor for my masters thesis? I recently started a one-year MA in sociology at a large uni in Europe (after having attended a SLAC for undergrad). My ...
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How to summarily indicate that cited references fail to address a topic

Academic citations are generally added because they explicitly support a statement. Occasionally however, it may be needed to cite references in support of a claim that they do not address a statement ...
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Applying for terminal MA in sociology, concerned about weak letters and missed funding deadlines. Is it better to put off application for a year?

I'm strongly interested in a terminal MA in Sociology (because I am currently not willing to commit to the length of a US PhD program) and know that I want to work in research for social policy. I'm ...
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Classifying empirical and non-empirical research in the social sciences

I am looking for a definition or a classification system (or a reference to an existing system) that can be used to reliably classify a very large set of articles into empirical vs. non-empirical ...
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Citing the preface of a book written by a different author in ASA

As the title says, I'm trying to cite the preface of a book. The book is a new edition, and the preface was written by a different author. How do I cite that in ASA style? The closest I can think of ...
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Should social sciences paper always have policy recommendations?

I am an early career researcher and my interests are in education, gender and economic development. I have some research ideas that mainly explore some interesting patterns of behavior at the family ...
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