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On standards or conventions specific to social science as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field

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How to argue against questionable research practices such as P-hacking and Harking?

I have come into conflict with co-authors when being asked to do things that I consider to be questionable. Once I was told to try every possible specification of a dependent variable (count, ...
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Translation of Dr. rer. nat. outside of Germany

Psychology at universities in Germany is either in the natural sciences or in philosophy, depending on the university. This affects the kind of academic title you get. People doing their doctoral ...
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How should a social scientist deal with envy of disciplines that are more quantitatively rigorous?

I am a student in social science who got into quantitative research at the start of my graduate school. Since then, I have had the valuable opportunity to take many Statistics classes and become aware ...
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What constitutes a declarable conflict of interest in gender studies?

From Wikipedia: A conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial interest, or otherwise, one of which could possibly ...
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Does the term “science” encompass humanities and the social sciences?

I’m not a native English speaker and want to get a better grip on the nuances of the term science. In my native tongue, the word I’d use for science also refers to humanities and the social sciences. ...
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Do German professors in a Master’s program respond to students who email them interested in their research work?

I’m currently receiving my bachelor’s degree in Sociology from am American university and have no clue how the process for applying to Master’s programs in Germany works. I’m not sure if it’s okay to ...
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How do Journals find reviewers and their contact information?

I recently received an email asking to review for a reputable journal (I recognize the journal, and the person listed as Associate Editor is listed as an associate editor on the journal's editorial ...
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The difference between literature review and background sections of a dissertation

I was assuming these two were the same. What is the difference between them? How does one relate to another? The context here is an MA (Master of Arts) level social science dissertation in UK ...
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How can I improve my chances of receiving PhD funding (UK, Anthropology)?

I have been accepted to UCL and Oxford for a PhD in anthropology, however I have not been offered funding for either position. I am considering reapplying next year and I would like to know how I can ...
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Job Market Cover Letter - Mention undergrad experiences?

I am on the academic job market in America in the social sciences. I am applying to R1/R2s, with a few liberal arts colleges sprinkled in. I've heard from a few people that mentioning undergrad ...
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