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Behavior that may be construed as sexual misconduct (without implying judgment that it is so). This includes forms of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, but also in general advances, comments or actions in situations that may be inappropriate --- for instance, between a student and their instructor.

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Sex worker student offering her (lawful) services

One of my students is an escort/stripper and she has offered me (and other faculty in my department) her "services". I am pretty sure my initial reaction of "thanks for letting me know, now can you ...
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What to do if accused of cheating/misconduct at university? [closed]

This question is written to serve as a canonical question that is asked repeatedly on Academia.SE (see e.g., here, here, here, here, here, here and here.) The purpose of this question is to act as a ...
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How to deal with an advisor who wants a "friendlier" relationship with me than I do?

I work as an assistant at a university in Australia. I joined the team consisting of my current advisor and his two PhD students. The other group members are men and they have a co-worker-like ...
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Need help with students who've turned my class into a dating service

I'm a professor at a local university. I'm passionate about teaching, and am proud to teach 100-level science and mathematics courses to young and aspiring students. Some senior engineering students ...
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What physical contact, if any, is acceptable between a supervisor and a student?

I was rather surprised that in this answer which suggests that a supervisor giving a side-hug to a research assistant is acceptable behaviour. I try and limit the physical contact with my students/...
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What leverage do universities have over sexual violence in fraternities?

IMPORTANT: The allegation of gang-rape in the Rolling Stone article that formed the basis for this question has been retracted; later evidence on the matter shows that the allegation that gang-rape ...
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How to create an environment in which students can report teacher-student sexual harassment?

I teach physics at a community college in California. A series of female students have told me about sexual harassment by the same tenured male math instructor. Two such incidents went like this. one ...
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How will expulsion for physical abuse and sexual misconduct affect a student's future educational career?

I recently had a university student (my ex) expelled from my undergrad university when he was found responsible for physical abuse and sexual misconduct. How would this expulsion affect his future ...
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Is it ethical to have a relationship with a student after my supervision of him is complete?

I am supervising a bachelor thesis and find the respective student attractive. Would it be ethical/acceptable to get into a relationship with the student after the thesis is completed?
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