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On engaging in activities that are considered a service to a university or academic community. These can include, but are not limited to, serving on administrative or curriculum development committees, organizing a conference or seminar series, and volunteering editorial or peer review services for an academic publication.

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Should new researchers volunteer to review conference papers?

I am a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in Information Systems, and I have never published a paper before. I am planning to submit a paper to a conference, and the conference specifically ...
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Do associate editors or editors in chief get any monetary compensation, and to what extent?

I'm aware that academic editorial work is to a good extent a voluntary service to the community. Peer reviewing, to my knowledge, is always a voluntary service, for a whole number of good reasons, e.g....
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Difference between university/departmental service and extracurricular university service on CV

I'm a first year assistant professor and the service component of the CV is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me, since my previous jobs never required service. For the last few years, I've followed ...
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How much time do I have to spend for NSF panel?

The field is mathematics/computer science. If one were to be selected to serve on an NSF panel, how much time/effort, realistically, will one be expected to spend? Especially for someone with no ...
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Should I be asked to serve as a peer reviewer for other universities' Pre-Proposal Support efforts?

I received a request from the sponsored projects office person at a well known university, asking me to peer review a grant proposal that was in preparation at their university. The idea was for me ...
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When scheduling talks in a conference session, what is the etiquette, if any, regarding placement of multiple talks from the same research group?

I am the lead co-organizer of a symposium at a technical conference later this year. The abstract submissions are now closed, and I'm working on slotting the talks into sessions. With the number of ...
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Best word/phrase for peer-reviewing service

I am a PC member and reviewer for a few conferences. I would like to list these services on my CV. However, I am not sure what would be a good title word for it? Community Service?? Academic Service?...
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How to organize a graduate student seminar on pure math?

I am a first-year graduate student of pure mathematics. Now the department gives us the chance to organize graduate student seminars. I want to run a seminar based on the book called Sheaves on ...
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How much should I charge a colleague for a translation project?

I have come across a situation that I'm not entirely sure how to handle and am curious if there are any norms in the United States for it. I teach in my university's foreign language department. A ...
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What are the benefits of being a convener/chair of a session in a conference?

I wish to submit a proposal to a conference to chair a session. To do this, I will have to spend a lot of time to think about many things such as the objectives & scopes of my session. But I am ...
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Is software packaging considered as a service duty? [closed]

I create from scratch and/or maintain software packages on behalf of the Debian GNU/(Linux|kFreeBSD) distribution; Debian serving as base for other apt-distributions as Ubuntu. Most of `my' packages ...
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Is it possible to outsource some tasks of thesis writing? How and what kind of tasks? [duplicate]

I think that thesis writing is a big project which can be divided into several small-scale tasks. The contribution of the thesis must be done with student himself/herself, but other tasks such as ...
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What are the responsibilities of the Publication Chair of a conference?

I received an "offer" to become the publication chair of a high profile IEEE conference. Before accepting the "offer" I would like to know what are my responsibilities, and I would like to plan ahead ...
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Is assessing grant proposals CV-worthy?

So far this year, I have been asked to be an assessor for proposals submitted to three different international funding schemes, with the value of the proposals ranging from $0.5M to $10M. I acceded to ...
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How to reference organizing conference symposia / panels on CV?

Presentions for papers or posters at conferences are easy to reference, but how do you reference activities such as organizing conference symposia / panels on your CV?
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How to organize a session at a conference?

I was recently asked by the cluster chair to organize a session at a conference on topic X. How does one go about organizing a conference session?
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Should I talk about service in my job application?

I am a mathematician on the job market this year and am wondering if I should talk at all about service and other aspects of who I am other than my teaching and research. So for example, committees I'...
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What non-research activities are most valuable when applying for faculty positions in mathematics?

I am asking this question for two reasons: first to work on activities to strengthen my CV for the future, and second to write a plan for professional development activities as part of a grant ...
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Accepting organizing duties in a year...but waiting for a new position

This question is strongly linked to a previous question of mine: Tenured position to be started very soon…what to do with the old affiliation Roughly speaking, my situation is the following: I am a ...
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As a PhD student, is it worth spending time organizing a contest for a conference?

I am a PhD student in computer science: is it worth spending time organizing a contest for a conference (e.g. a shared task for a conference in natural language processing)? I think that would be a ...
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Are there any actions professors can take online to contribute towards "service requirements"?

I would like to fulfill my service requirements for the tenure review process. My question: Is it possible to help fulfill these requirements through on-line activities? E.g. Mentoring students ...
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Why do professors take on service duties? [duplicate]

Why do professors take on service duties, such as reviewing papers for a journal, or sitting on university committees? What benefit does this have to their careers? I can't imagine they enjoy ...
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What incentives do professors have to serve on dissertation committees?

It seems that there is no requirement for professors to serve on even a single dissertation committee. (This is so at least at my US university and I believe is common practice worldwide - please ...
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How to foster gender diversity as an organizer

I am part of the organizing committee for a workshop in a STEM field that historically has problems with underrepresentation of women (and other groups, but let me focus on women in this question). I ...
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What kind of administrative duties might a postdoctoral associate be expected to take on?

Applying for a postdoctoral research role in the UK, the application says I should demonstrate willingness to take on administrative tasks. Can anyone tell me about what kind of administrative tasks a ...
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Benefits to serving on an IEEE Standards Association?

What are the benefits of being a member of IEEE Standards working group? From my limited knowledge: you get another badge on your cv you get to have a say in outlining a specific IEEE Standard you ...
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Why do research faculty pursue administrative positions, such as dean, provost, president, etc. ? Do such positions spell the end of one's research?

At a recent seminar talk, I was amazed to note that one of the two coauthors (not the presenter) was the president of a large and well-known university, since I had always assumed that taking on such ...
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Should I cancel / alter office hours for committee meetings?

My contract requires that I maintain a certain number of office hours a week where I am available to meet with students. In practice this time is rarely entirely taken up by student meetings however. ...
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What is the optimal balance of time spent on research vs. volunteering/leadership/organizing in grad school and beyond?

In graduate school I have found that along with being a producer of good research, fellowships/post-doctoral advisers/faculty search committee are also often interested in what one has done outside of ...
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What are the benefits of organizing a conference?

Organizing a conference is very difficult for a scientist, you have to have the right collaborators, to find the right venue, to spread the word, to advertise it, to send the call for papers, to ...'s user avatar
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What is your university's policy on course reductions for service on dissertation committees? [closed]

This is a question branching off of this one. I would like to judge how common it is for universities to give course reductions for service on dissertation committees. Two questions: Does your ...
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What are some examples of "service activities" for the inexperienced/up-and-coming academic?

I am looking for an assistant professor job in engineering. While working on my Ph.D., I had the chance to mentor graduate students in my research group (suggesting experiments, helping them analyze ...
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Why do academics write peer reviews?

I do not understand what good it does them. A professor said it gives an opportunity to read papers he would not read on his own. I am sure there is more to it but I do not see what they gain by ...
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Who typically serves on a graduate school admissions committee?

Suppose a student is applying to a graduate school. Who is typically on the admissions committee? Is the chair of the department on the admissions committee?
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