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Questions tagged [scams]

For questions related to academic scams such as invitations to predatory conferences and publications.

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Is ISIT conference on Linguistics and applied linguistics fake? [duplicate]

Is this conference fake? Or is it just not popular? I am a PhD student. I just found this conference and applied for me to do something useful while ...
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What is the goal of this AI generated research solicitation?

As a research mathematician, I occasionally get unsolicited emails from local high school students asking if there are opportunities to work on a research project with me. I haven't ever decided to ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Got roped into (what I’m pretty sure is) a scam conference. What now?

I got roped into what might be a scam conference, called the “International Conference of the Humanities” (name slightly changed for anonymity’s sake) On the website they’ve published the previous ...
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15 votes
3 answers

What do I do if my thesis is stolen

I submitted my thesis in September. But because of nervousness I wasn’t confident with the way I wrote the result section, though I had researched extensively on it. I was going through YouTube on ...
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How can I stop getting emails about unwanted registrations to some review websites and asking me to review for random journals? [closed]

I often get automated emails about unwanted registrations to some review websites and asking me to review for random, typically paywalled journals. Is there any to stop or reduce that kind of spam? ...
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2 answers

Is a reputable source? Is this a reputable website or a scam/predatory conference collection?
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22 votes
2 answers

Invitation to help writing and submitting papers -- how does this scam work?

I got several SPAM messages about conferences every week and know that most of them are scams, and can easily figure out what the scammers want (attend a weak conference, be an "estimated invited ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why is Lishui University present in so many cities across the globe?

I'm searching for a postdoc and it seems that Lishui University recruits for its departments in Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Sidney etc. Typical job ad looks like this. Not even biggest universities I know ...
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Are the conferences by Acavent legit or a scam? - subquestion to general question "How to detect if a conference is a scam" [duplicate]

I am thinking of registering at a conference organised at Said Business School by a company in Lithuania called Acavent. The fee is 200 pounds which is a bit on the expensive side and the scientific ...
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10 votes
2 answers

I got an offer of admission to a post-graduate program in a totally different field. How to know if it is legit?

I (actually my cousin) just received an offer letter from SJSM-Anguilla to study MD. They are saying that they are accredited in the Carribbean, and after completing the program, the students can do ...
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23 votes
5 answers

Do journals avoid you as a reviewer if you are too fast?

A couple of years ago, when I started publishing in my field, I received several requests of review from 4/5 different journals in a row. Because I happened to have free time, I submitted those ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Invitation to a new conference: possible scam? [duplicate]

I am a researcher on physics and I was invited to a conference as a speaker at the 1st European Conference on Engineering & Technology ECETECH 2022. The full expenses (round trip flight tickets, ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is comminit dot com a scam site?

I recently published an open-access paper. Shortly after, someone from the 'Communication Initiative' reached out, regarding a 'summary' of the paper which they would like to share, asking me if I'd ...
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16 votes
1 answer

WCAM speaker invitation: scam, and how does it work? [duplicate]

I usually receive many emails from scam journals asking me to publish my work there. And as I understand the scam is that they charge you a lot of money for that, and/or they steal your authors' ...
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2 answers

How to Constructively Deal with Email Invitations to Scam Conferences or Journals?

Today I received the following email which was entitled the same as one of my publications: Dear Dr. Ian, I followed your research works which were of extremely high standard. I would like to invite ...
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Are the conferences organized by WASET legit or some type of scam? [duplicate]

Searching through websites dedicated to collect upcoming scientific conferences, I have stumbled upon a lot of similar-sounding conferences around the world (e.g., see here), all organized through the ...
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Is / conpher legit?

Does anybody know if conpher is a trustworthy organization? I have recently received a couple of emails from [email protected]. The email body says: Congratulations on your new article! We are a group ...
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Can anybody vouch for PubSure? [duplicate]

A few days ago I uploaded a pre-print to arXiv. Today I got an email from a service called PubSure offering to evaluate the manuscript with AI (?) and give me a score on how "publishable" (?) it is. ...
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2 answers

How to quickly assess the legitimacy of a conference?

Academics commonly get invitations to conferences. Some of these are legitimate, but many are simply scams or bogus. How can you tell at a glance which is which?
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2 answers

What are the legal obligations of "Editorial Board Membership Agreement"?

Basically, I have two questions. First question: Anyone knows EnPress publisher is just a scam/predatory publisher or not? Cause they sent an email to me to invite me to join editorial board of a ...
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46 votes
4 answers

Meeting dishonest ex-supervisors at large international conference -- Should one speak out?

I have returned to my country after one negative experience as a postdoc in China. In short, I was hired based on false salary & funding expectations supported by shady vague contracts written in ...
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3 answers

Is there a website that lists the journals that are actually scams? [duplicate]

I constantly receive emails from editors asking me to submit papers for their journals. However, only a handful of them originate from a trustworthy source. The vast majority are just scams — ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Elsevier Editorial System: is this scam?

Today I received two suspicious emails from Elsevier Editorial System: the first email is a registration confirmation to the platform Dear XX Name Surname, You have received this system-...
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39 votes
11 answers

Is's "mentions" feature real?

I just got an email from saying that my name has been mentioned two times (Edit: now up to 150 papers!), but to see the mentions you have to upgrade to a premium account at 8.25AUD/month. ...
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