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"Survey" or "review" articles are academic publications that organize and summarize the current state of research on a given topic in a novel way that integrates and adds understanding to work in the field. For questions related to the peer-review process, use the 'peer-review' tag instead.

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What makes a Literature Review paper good?

I am currently doing my research thesis project for my Masters/PhD in area “X”. As expected, the first 2 months has been literature review, to actually know what I am doing. The thing is, I haven’t ...
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Registering systematic review in Prospero

I have recently submitted a systematic review (SR) to a journal. One of the reviewers pointed out, that my SR was not registered in Prospero, an international prospective register of systematic ...
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How common is it for people who work in industry to be a reviewer for a journal?

How common is it for people who work in industry to be a reviewer for a journal? I know that most reviewers are academics, but it seems like some people may enjoy reviewing as a hobby if they are ...
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public opinion about published articles

As a young scientist I find it increasingly difficult to filter out the good vs not-so-good research publications. Especially given the number of publications that get published every day. Reports on ...
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Taxonomy of an ACM CSUR(Computing Survey) survey paper

I am new to the research domain and recently submitted a survey paper to ACM Computing Survey Journal (CSUR). After the first review, one reviewer commented, Taxonomy is missing, and ACM CSUR paper ...
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