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9 answers

What happens to unproductive professors?

I notice that past a certain age (sometimes as early as 50), some professors tend to be significantly less productive, to the point that they essentially do not publish or have graduate students and ...
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Should tenured researchers be "encouraged" (forced) to retire at a certain age?

While thinking about this recent question, I was reminded of an issue at two different institutions I've taught at, as well as a third institution I am aware of via my father. One complication I ...
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Where can an academic put their lecture slides for posterity? [closed]

I was recently asked this question by an academic colleague and realised I didn't know the answer. Academic X is about to retire from a computer science department and has a set of undergraduate ...
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Graduate Research After Retirement

I will be retiring in a few months with a successful research career in industry (>100 journal papers, >300 conference presentations, >50 patents). I am interested in doing research in an academic ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to contribute to academic research after retirement from the industry?

Currently, I have a master’s of science in mathematics and a potential plan to couple my qualifications with a masters of science in analytics. I am actually nowhere close to being retired in the ...
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Should I retire early from my tenured job? [closed]

I'm a tenured professor and like my job overall. I don't go to work giddy everyday, but I enjoy research, and usually enjoy teaching. I don't enjoy stuff like playing department politics or being part ...
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Is there a recourse for a retired professor who was denied Emeritus title? [closed]

I know of a recently retired professor who has taught over 35 years, and has published over 100 papers, and has filed multiple patents as well. His college dean does not agree that he should get the ...
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How to sign a professional email as a retired professor in two departments . .

Wise colleagues, I am in need of your counsel, please. I am a retired professor requiring clarification on how to sign a professional email. Although I am happily retired, there remain certain ...
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Does a professor emeritus typically retain full health benefits? [closed]

Across four-year universities in the U.S., do professor emeriti tend to receive full health benefits? Do professors ever retain health benefits in retirement? If not, how do retired professors ...
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Publication costs in an obscure journal how to fund? [closed]

I am long retired (2008) In the field of cardiology I am a pariah, there is an embargo on my publishing in major journals. I have therefore been forced to go to obscure journals where the referees are ...
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Do retired researchers keep a personal web site? [closed]

A retired researcher may still like to keep some unfinished work, maybe as a good hobby. Therefore, I am wondering if it's better to keep a personal web site to keep those previous works such as ...
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Use of social robots for elderly care [closed]

My father has been diagnosed with early-stage dementia and lives in a care home. Since I am a truck driver, I can’t take care of him and meet him twice a month. He frequently complains about feeling ...
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University pension in the UK [closed]

I started working for a UK uni and they enrolled me into a pension scheme. They say they will contribute “5%”. 5 per cent of what? Is it my gross salary? My net? Also, will I get that if I opt out of ...
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