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Duties and obligations related to academic relationships, positions, scientific ethics; also, the role of contracts in defining duties and obligations

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May a non-student person working in a research university lab that hosts PhD students refuse to teach PhD students how to do lab work without more $?

May a person whose job title isn't instructor of labs/instructor of PhD students/lab-assistant and who is working full-time (non-student) in a research university lab under a professor who recruits ...
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Should I complain about an academic purposefully perverting statistics on Covid vaccinations on Twitter?

As a disclaimer, I have to say I am against any kind of censorship. That being said, academics also have a responsibility to their audience. An academic with a few thousand citations purposefully ...
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The role of a good collaborator

I'm midway through a PhD in Physics in the United States. In my short time in academia so far, I've had several distinct kinds of collaborations. I've collaborated with peers who are working on ...
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Problem with online class

I am a student at my local community college taking pre-nursing classes. My professor for A&P II requires a 360 camera while taking all the tests online on response. I have two small kids who I ...
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Can a managing editor replace the editor on a paper or remove them from the editorial board? [duplicate]

Let's assume that a journal editor has been allocated a submission, started reviewing it himself, but stopped responding to the managing editor (= you) despite a long time since the authors had sent ...
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When does an editor fail?

Let's assume that a journal editor has been allocated a submission, started reviewing it himself, but stopped responding to the managing editor (= you) despite a long time since the authors had sent ...
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When the co-author of a potential paper is not responsible

I am a math postdoc and my young mentor is unfortunately a lazy person. I have prepared a manuscript 4 months ago and still no news about revision of that from the mentor. I do not know what can I do. ...
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Postdoc-led Lab Mutiny: Is this normal? What to do? [closed]

A new postdoc has written an email on behalf of all grad students (CCing us) accusing our professor of being irresponsible, saying we would all stop our experiments. The postdoc has been helping PhD ...
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What are the consequences if I cut ties with my former PhD supervisor?

Background I did my Master's and PhD with my former PhD advisor in an Australian university. Coming from the experimental biology background, my advisor switched to the field of bioinformatics around ...
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Lack of congruence in mathematical abilities versus writing abilities in faculty [closed]

Because of my background in mathematics and statistics, I have been called upon by my department (the Math/Stat Department) to assist faculty members from the humanities and linguistics departments in ...
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Should I decline unrelated work assigned by PhD advisor?

During the past years of my PhD program in biology, my advisor has developed a habit of lending my service to other labs/groups for potential collaborating opportunities. In addition to helping fellow ...
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Has the student responsibility for not cheating? [closed]

If a student is cheating, he can be caught or not caught. If he is caught, it's not obvious what to do. There are options with different strategies: The students are themselves responsible for not ...
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My co-authors don't want to help get our manuscripts published anymore. What should I do?

Recently I've had three different sets of co-authors give up on the publication process. Here are the three cases: Publication was rejected on the basis that additional work was needed, amounting to ...
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Could appealing/advocating for mental illness/ADHD/disability rights count as volunteering?

TL;DR Applying for PhD and asked volunteer experience. I requested ADHD accommodations and am the first student in my alma mater to get extra time on exams. I didn't do it solely for other people such ...
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Responsibility for the performance of students [closed]

As an educator, how much responsibility do you place upon yourself for the performance of your students? Whether that be in the role of lecturer, TA, thesis supervisor, etc. Of course there are many ...
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How to handle a student who will not accept that he is wrong?

I am a university marker TA, and after midterm exam I met with a student who would not accept that he was wrong. He thought his answers were correct but didn't explain to me why his answers were ...
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Grounds for an ethics complaint? UK math prof. publicly misrepresenting results from an unrelated discipline

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in social sciences and last month I presented and defended my thesis in an Eastern European university. The full text of my thesis is available to the public. A couple of weeks ...
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What are the obligations of a principal investigator?

Obviously a Principal Investigator (PI) has many responsibilities toward his or her subordinates, including mentoring them, helping to direct their research, providing funding, and resolving ...
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Compound used in publication

There is a paper in which the authors find a compound that is antimicrobial. I would like to experiment with it (I haven't yet asked the authors for it), but I'm anticipating the worst, that is that ...
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Does a contract matter

I have been in my current teaching/research position for 4 years. I have just been informed that my contract is research only. I think technically this means I don't have to be teaching. My School and ...
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What is expected of a postdoc?

What do different people in the department expect from a postdoc? By different people I mean the advisor, graduate students and PhD students. I know it mainly depends on the job description but there ...
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