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Questions tagged [research-undergraduate]

About research projects performed by (or involving) undergraduate students

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How can I pre-register my study of little importance?

I am writing an undergraduate dissertation on behavioural economics. I am looking to run an experiment. As nobody apart from my course convenor will read my paper, the stakes are not particularly high....
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Tactfully asking research advisor for a break

I am an undergraduate STEM student in an Asian university. At the beginning of the semester, I had about 7 courses which is the usual workload we need to deal with, so I gave a 'semester research plan'...
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Freshman applying to REUs, only know one professor well

I've just finished my first semester and I'm planning to apply to physics/math REUs. I know my math professor well and he agreed to write me a reference, but I do not know any other professors at that ...
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When should I send the so-called “inquiry email”?

I’ve heard that, prior to applying, undergraduates sometimes express interest to faculty members of graduate schools via email. I know that this is most often done (fairly?) close to the time of ...
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Working with PhD student instead of professor

I'm currently an undergrad, and our university has a research program that I'm taking part in. I was hoping to get the chance to work with a professor, but in reality I just worked with the professor'...
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Importance of undergraduate honors thesis vs. research published in undergraduate research journal, for graduate schools in the United States?

I have the option of graduating from my university (U.S.) a semester early. If I do so, I would not be able to complete my honors thesis and have it approved by the honors committee of my university. ...
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Appropriate timescales for an undergrad research project

I'm a sophomore in engineering in India, and I have an opportunity to take up an undergraduate research project to investigate the efficacy of deep learning for medical imaging. This is at a ...
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How to mention about my university's MOU with the university in which I'm applying for Research Internship?

My university has an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with certain universities in which I am interested in applying for the position of research intern. As I will be mailing professors of my domain ...
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Writing a Technical Paper /research paper about an assistive (technology) software project

I'm an undergraduate student of Computer Science. I have been working on a software project all summer, and is successfully completed now. The project is an assistive technology , a unique piece of ...
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Who to ask for REU recommendations?

I'm applying for several astronomy REUs, for which you can have 2 letters of recommendation. I have three faculty members in mind: 1) Engineering physics professor I've known for many years ...
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Seeking Advice on Authorship Dispute

I need advice on a situation with my thesis paper. My supervisor, who had no contribution to my thesis work, instructed me to write a paper for clearance. I provided a draft, but he submitted it to a ...
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How to approach mentor about moving from unpaid to paid research position as undergraduate

I am an undergraduate student in my fifth year. I am currently working on a research project with a professor I met while studying abroad. I am no longer abroad, but I plan on continuing my work with ...
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How a research project, taken on my own, of undergraduation will be valued?

I’m from a south asian country, and here neither the universities nor the governmental agencies (who regulate educational guidlines) have any provision for undergrads to write a thesis, they simply ...
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What to do if my university doesn't have a research group in my area?

I am studying electrical engineering and I am really interested in electromagnetics and photonics. Unfortunately, my university doesn't have research groups in these fields so I am unable to pursue my ...
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Is it possible to get into a highly ranked math PhD program in the US without doing an REU or having research experience?

It seems that most students at graduate math programs in the US have participated in an REU or some sort of program where they can do some sort of research or do something outside of taking ...
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Postponing internship confirmation from Student end

I have received an exciting research internship offer from a professor but have simultaneously applied for certain funded research internship programs as well whose results I am awaiting. I want to ...
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How Should I Write a Scientific Write-up?

I am an undergraduate student in mathematics from India. I have been shortlisted in the written test of TIFR GS-2020 (a nationwide entrance), and for the second stage of selection, they are asking for ...
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Do One-year MS/MEng Programs Prefer Candidates With Research Experience?

I am a first-year undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering in the U.S. I want to either do the 5-year BS/MS program at my university, or - preferably - do a 1-year non-thesis MS or MEng ...
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Finding a research internship with little prior experience

I am a second year physics major student and I know for sure that I want to stay in academia and become a scientist, so I have started to search for research internships(abroad) and do research with ...
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Where to find topics and problems to write about?

I am an undergraduate student in English Language Translation. I would like to do research and write papers about topics or problems that are available in this field of study. I googled about ...
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How can I best make an impression to a professor advertising for a research role in his lab

While my job hunt which started a couple of weeks ago has been positive, there are nothing intimately related to my background in mathematics and physics. While my grades aren't stellar (2.8/4.0), I'...
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How important is an Honors Thesis for MSW programs?

I plan on applying to grad school for social work, but wasn't sure about the general expectations for prospective MSW students. It seems like overall, I would be considered more competitive with an ...
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Is submitting a video on my research paper for ICCT 2017 conference beneficial?

I have submitted my paper here, They waived my fee and asked me to submit a video file representing my paper. They also told me that “ Journal recommendation is ...
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Advantage In Delaying Physics Grad School Application For Senior Undergraduates

I am a senior math/physics major at a T20 American private university who aspires to pursue a PhD in physics. I became involved in undergraduate research position with a non-tenured faculty member (a ...
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