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Questions tagged [required-course]

Many educational programs have courses that are required for graduation. This is generally true at the undergraduate level and may also be true in many graduate programs.

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Transitioning to pure research in physics after an electronics engineering degree

I have always been a lover of physics but due to certain circumstances I was unable to take up a physics degree in my undergrad. I was aimless for a while but have now again decided to take a shot at ...
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I took Pre Calc II and Calculus at community colllege. When I transferred, they accepted my calculus credit but says I need finite math? [closed]

The prerequisite for the Calculus class that they accepted was the Finite Math. They accepted my Calculus class with an A. My precalc II and calculus class should suffice the Finite math, right?
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Are there official criteria what undergraduate programs in different majors must cover at US schools?

I recently found that the largest share of students in program X at my school do not need to take classes on topic ABC, even though topic ABC is considered as critical and fundamental by virtually ...
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Is it common to study mathematics without any computer programming? Why would this be considered acceptable?

MATLAB vs. Python in industry at Operations Research SE contains the following statement: I am a beginning PhD student in math, and I would like to focus on optimization. I am learning programming ...
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Is it ethical to refuse enrollment of a previously dishonest student if you are the sole instructor for a required course?

I am currently teaching an upper level course, and have caught a student plagiarizing this semester. This course is required by our department for a degree. I have strict policy on my syllabus that ...
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What incentive does a professor have to allow a student to enroll in a course that is already full?

I'm hoping trying to register for a course I need that is currently full, and am told that I can try contacting the professor for permission to enroll. Under what circumstances are such requests ...
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