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Questions about leaving an academic position. This could apply to quitting an educational program, such as a doctoral program, or quitting a faculty position.

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If I didn't learn much in my PhD program, should I do a coursework-based masters in the same field?

I am thinking of quitting my PhD program to leave with a master's degree. I don't think I learned much in my PhD so far, and I would have gained more skills if I got a normal master's and took a ...
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What is a "good" PhD dropout rate, and how would we know?

In a few questions/answers on here (e.g., here), passing reference has been made to the difficulty of determining a good/acceptable/healthy dropout rate for a PhD program. However, I haven't seen any ...
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How to deal with advisor who wants me to submit dissertation on time even though there's a major problem?

I'm on my last month before the deadline to hand in my dissertation. I found a severe problem with the work that renders it pretty much pointless and I pointed out to my advisor that I would need ...
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How to leave graduate school without pain

I am an international student in one of the top universities in Canada. The graduate admission in Canadian university is a little bit different from other countries; if you want to pursue Phd, you ...
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Possible to leave a contract academic position shortly after signing new contract? [closed]

I am an assistant professor on a year-to-year contract in academic med (I'm a PhD biostatistician). I just signed a new contract in July. I have been 'head hunted' to join a private company, and I am ...
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Leaving a Computer Science Ph.D. program for Google after getting a M.S [duplicate]

This age old question has probably been asked, but there are always new considerations and specifics. Also I want to hear from people who have quit the program themselves, namely the biggest question ...
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My PhD situation is giving me anxiety attacks. Is quitting (and losing 2 years) my only option? [closed]

I am currently in my second year of my PhD and I am having a horrible time. I feel like I am not cut out for academia and I frequently have anxiety attacks. I would like to do something else, and if ...
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Difference between Phd degree while remaining a student, and after quitting a Japanese university?

I am currently enrolled at a Japanese university in the doctoral program of Mathematical and Life sciences, and have already been a student for last 4 years. I am waiting for the acceptance of ...
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Is a partial PhD a liability in a job search?

I am considering dropping out of my mechanical engineering PhD program (only a year in) to return to a career in software engineering. During my job search I feel I have had a mediocre response from ...
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Whether to quit PhD in psychology: overbearing post-doc, lack of passion for topic, not wanting to enter academia, lack of statistical support

I'm over half way into my PhD in psychology and neuroscience in the UK. I think that leaving the programme is the best decision but I'm unsure whether my reasons are good enough. I have gained some ...
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Proper "notice period" for resigning a tenure track position?

My apologies in advance if this is a duplicate. I did search a bit about this before posting here. This is related to my previous posts so, briefly: I want to leave my current position and I have ...
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Quitting Physics PhD to become engineer?

After a couple of years in a decent grad school, passing quals, many times thinking about quitting (the usual: impostor syndrome, stress etc), and one paper. I feel like I have a clear head to make ...
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Submitting future research plan when intending to leave

I am a junior faculty member at a European university. Recently, I was requested to submit a research plan for the next few years, as is typically done with junior faculty members at this university, ...
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I am so tired and un-focused in my postdoc. Is quitting my position a good choice?

About 6 months ago I finished my PhD and started a new postdoc at a prestigious lab at a prestigious university. I was very burned out as I completed my PhD, but I hoped starting fresh I'd find ...
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What percentage of PhD candidates drop out in computer science?

I'd like to know what percentage of PhD candidates in Computer Science does not graduate with a PhD and thus drops out of their PhD program. This number probably varies quite a bit for different ...
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Quitting after 5 years - miserable and depressed [closed]

I'm a fifth year graduate student in the life sciences. To cut to the chase, I hate this PhD, I hate research and I hate academia. It didn't used to be this way. I have been juggling three different ...
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Withdrawing from PhD with or without a Master Degree

I have taken a leave of absence from my PhD program due to health reasons and since my health has improved dramatically over the past year, I am seriously considering never coming back. I have ...
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Leaving academia - what to do with the personal website?

I have a question about "post-academia" personal websites. The question is open-ended and fuzzy because I am not 100% certain with what I would like to do, so I am also looking for suggestions. Some ...
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Deciding when to quit a PhD and the implications involved in further graduate education

I'm a chemistry graduate student (analytical) in my first year (second semester) of a PhD program at a significant R1 university. I have a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry and Mathematics, and ...
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Is talking about quitting to your supervisor a point of no return?

I have been feeling miserable about my PhD degree situation for a bit of time, and I just started therapy. So far I've tried not to take drastic decisions such as quitting, because I know I am ...
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Should I quit my PhD - workload, self-esteem and social life [closed]

I don't really want a degree. I just want to get married, and have weekends and evenings off, and chill out and play board games, and have nice conversations with friends, and have time to exercise ...
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Quit PhD and find a job

I'm a year and a half into a PhD at a top university in the Uk. Doing some good work but not enjoying academia and I think this is more than second year blues. I have quite a bad advisor which doesn't ...
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Is it dishonest to start a PhD with intent to leave it and transfer to another program?

I just finished my master and am about to start a funded PhD in October. Thing is that the reason I am doing this PhD is because I missed the deadlines for the PhDs that I am truly interested in. I ...
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What steps could universities take to reduce Ph.D. drop-outs?

One of the major issues in universities with respect to PhD is the high dropout factor. Demotivated students cause a big loss to the university - a lot is spent on assistantships, but in the end, the ...
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