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Questions about leaving an academic position. This could apply to quitting an educational program, such as a doctoral program, or quitting a faculty position.

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Feeling hopeless immediately after starting my MSc

I recently started my Master's in Physics. My Bachelor's was not in Physics, but all of my research was. I worked with a very supportive supervisor who wanted me to do my Master's thesis with him. He ...
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Is it possible to apply for a Master's programme then leave current PhD?

I'm a 2-year PhD student at a research institute in Asia, and now I'm thinking about applying for a Master's programme abroad (possibly in Australia or Europe), so is it possible for me to submit my ...
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Resigning from tenure-track position after sabbatical for industry -- how little research can I do before I leave?

I'm on tenure-track and going to go on sabbatical in the fall for one semester. When I return from my sabbatical, I plan on giving a year's notice and switching to teaching part-time while I take over ...
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First email to potential PhD advisor

I am currently doing a PhD in university X, but I am planning to quit, since I am looking for something more involved in my research interest. Should I mention it in my first email to a potential phd ...
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