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Waitlisted - Got Paper Accepted - Email Committee?

I have been waitlisted to a top program in CS. During the time I applied to the program and now, I received the rebuttal results of a paper I had submitted and worked on over the last year. I got two ...
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Is there an aggregated up to date list of published articles?

I'm thinking of an efficient way to stay up to date with recent news from given field (especially in mathematics and its subfields, but it perhaps does not matter for the question itself). Since there ...
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Will journals care if I post a "collected works" on my homepage?

I am considering posting a "collected works" which incorporates all of my papers (up to this point) on a particular subject. This way, someone new to my work can get it all in one document. I plan to ...
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What's the proper way to list authorship of appendix to a publication on a CV?

I'm collaborating with some others on an appendix to a historical paper for submission to a high profile journal. In the field the convention for authorship appears similar to mathematics (see also ...
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Requesting an Editor of a Conference to inform about paper status before the stipulated date?

Supposing a conference has a decision date of X (lets say) and a grad school application has a deadline that coincides with that date. Could I request the editor of that conference to inform me about ...
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What are turnaround times like in Finance, Financial Economics, Economics / Econometrics journals?

What are turnaround times like in Finance, Financial Economics, Economics / Econometrics journals? I would be among at least a 1000 other aspirants looking to publish in quality journals. There ...
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Including articles in submission in "refereed publications" section of CV?

I have a section for "refereed publications" and one for "other publications". Where should I put publications that are presently in submission? Is it OK to put them in "refereed publications"?
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Is it worth regularly publishing in unknown business & management journals?

I notice some business & management full professors regularly publish in unknown or low rank journals. Yet I have previously been advised to be very careful where I publish. Is there value in the '...
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Authorship Disputes and Contributions in Collaborative Research Projects

Background My colleague (referred to as X) and I collaborated on two research endeavors, termed A and B. While our overarching goals aligned, our specific inputs varied due to individual commitments, ...
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two months with no confirmation from editor

I submitted an article to an academic journal about two months ago (not through a website but directly to an editor's email, because the submission via email is the required way) but received no ...
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Position of npj journals and Communications journals in the Nature Portfolio

In the Nature Portfolio, there exist two series of journals lower than the 'Nature branded' ones: npj journals launched in 2014 and Communications journals launched in 2018. However, it is not quite ...
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How to differentiate between the author and a language editor?

I will translate a LaTeX document from English to Greek. How should I write who is the author and who does the language editing? This is my first time doing a translation and publishing it in a ...
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How to respond to an editor who suddenly stops answering your emails

I've been corresponding with an editor at a university publishing company, but he suddenly stopped responding to my emails. Most recently, I sent him my book chapters and a summary of my book, but he ...
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