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Questions related to academic publications including online and traditional journals, books, and conference proceedings.

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How to deal with working papers when quoting?

I am a doctoral student and therefore have only little experience in publishing. Now I ask myself how I should deal with working papers of other researchers in my articles. I have read some ...
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Proper way to Format text related to Functions in an Article about a Computer Package

I am new to software development and my background is not in computer science. I am writing an article about a software package I developed with some collaborators and I was wondering about the proper ...
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Editor Declined Invitation is a bad thing?

I recently submitted an article to an Elsevier journal and under the current status, it says: "Editor Declined Invitation". What does this mean? Will this result in a rejection or is there ...
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Can I publish research as "working paper" after journal submission?

I am aware that (at least in the field of economics) typically one first publishes their research as a working paper and later on submits to journals. (Where "later on" could be as short as the same ...
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Citing a citation from a paper? [duplicate]

So, I have a sentence in a paper I'm writing that looks like this: This result was first discovered by Person X (PaperX 1915). The issue is, the paper I cite, let's call it Paper X, written by ...
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How to deal with an unethical editor?

How do you go about dealing with an editor that pretends to be ALL the reviewers and reject a paper based on his/her 'made-up' reviews? Should I complain to the editor-in-chief or simply let it slide?...
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How to cope with low rate of publication in the research group?

My potential Ph.D. supervisor's research group is very small. Most students are of Masters's level. There are two Ph.D. students, but they are at the end of their Ph.D.; probably, they will be done by ...
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Why are there many typos and errors in publications? [closed]

As a PhD student major in statistics, this question actually has bothered me for a long time. I am always not quite sure if it is appropriate to discuss this somewhat sensitive topic publicly. Finally ...
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Why publish in a journal instead of in arXiv or in my blog? [closed]

I don´t know what is exactly the value of publishing a high impact paper in a journal or magazine (electronic or not, open-access or not). I have several doubts about the benefits of publishing on a ...
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Duplicate content in multi-volume monograph

A scientist writes a multi-volume monograph reflecting his latest research results. In the first volume a certain topic is presented but incompletely because at the time of writing the research on ...
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How to find reputed conference and journal?

How to find the upcoming call for papers in scopus journal and top rated conference? And how to ensure that conference proceedings will be listed in scopus? Most of the conference doesn't endorse ...
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