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Questions in relation to Psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context.

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Can I get hired as a psychology professor if I get a PhD in educational psychology in an education department?

I'm interested in educational psychology and learning sciences. However, most educational psychology graduate programs are within the education department, not psychology. What's the difference ...
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Applied Mathematics to Neuroscience Transition?

I am currently studying Applied Mathematics in a university in Bangladesh. I have always been deeply interested in psychology and neuroscience. I want to complete my degree in Applied Mathematics and ...
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In the United States, are there any ethical oversights on self-funded and published research?

I'm currently working on my CITI ethical human research certification. Given its dense nature my mind started to wander and I had the realization that all the protocols and ramifications I've so far ...
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Is it possible to work as an apprentice during a phd?

I am currently an undergraduate student in Japan hoping to major in Psychology in the second year. I am thinking about studying Clinical Psychology for a Ph.D. to become a forensic psychologist in the ...
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In what sort of department can I pursue a PhD in fan behaviour?

I'm planning to do PhD on the Fan culture to be specific - A comparative study on the effects of Digital media on Football Fan behaviour on supporters of European football clubs in Indonesia and India....
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Importance of undergraduate honors thesis vs. research published in undergraduate research journal, for graduate schools in the United States?

I have the option of graduating from my university (U.S.) a semester early. If I do so, I would not be able to complete my honors thesis and have it approved by the honors committee of my university. ...
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What questions should I ask as a candidate during interview for a PhD program that assigns you an advisor?

*I'm applying for Psychology PhD. There's a university that I am applying to but unlike some of the other universities I've found, where students can state their desired advisor, this university ...
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Changing Subfields after PhD in psychology

I am trying to understand the degree of difficulty that a psychologist might experience changing subdisciplines (excluding clinical/school/industrial-organizational). For example, could someone who is ...
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STEM to non-STEM PhD program

I am an international student, applying to Ph.D. programs for Fall 23 in the US. My background is in STEM and I am changing my career path to Psychology or Public Health. Many of these programs are ...
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Can I get into a funded graduate Psychology program after having studied Chemistry?

I have earned an Honours degree in Chemistry, but my heart is set on Psychology. So, I want to pursue graduate studies in Psychology. Is it possible to get fully funded admission in a world-class ...
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Retaining study participants in a longitudinal research study

Which methods can be followed to retain participants in a longitudinal research study? We tried to retain participants by sending reminder messages, and also a bonus at the second time point, but none ...
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Is the Psy.D. degree (US) equivalent to the "Licenciado en Psicologia" degree?

I am not sure about this. In some scenarios, seems like a "Licenciatura/Licenciado" degree is equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree, or sometimes to a Master's Degree. Nevertheless, in some cases "...
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