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Questions tagged [promotion]

The act of moving up an academic rank, such as from an assistant to associate professor.

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Is it common for professors in The Netherlands to change institutions as they go up the ranks, or to speed up the promotion process?

I have heard that it is common for Assistant Professors or Associate Professors in The Netherlands to apply for positions at other Dutch institutions to improve their chances of promotion. Is this ...
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To what extent should the research section of a tenure statement in physics be comprehensible to nonphysicists?

If the tenure review committee includes faculty from the humanities, it seems impossible to simultaneously impress physics colleagues with one's research achievements and write something meaningful ...
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Is it worth regularly publishing in unknown business & management journals?

I notice some business & management full professors regularly publish in unknown or low rank journals. Yet I have previously been advised to be very careful where I publish. Is there value in the '...
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