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Questions regarding the academic projects including either thesis projects or other projects which may be done in the universities with support of academies and in collaboration with faculty members and students.

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Replying to professor after months

I'm a sophomore undergrad and had approached a professor from my department towards the end of my freshman year to work under a project under him in the summer. However, the projects he supervised ...
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How can I ask a professor about funding for Master?

I am looking for a master’s position. I emailed a professor, and we arranged a meeting on Skype, where he said that he would assess my knowledge and he told me that he will tell me the result ...
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Problems with my boss in academia: who to ask for some advice in Austria?

I have some problems with my boss at a university. The problem does not only include cooperative aspects. It also involves some problems related to a post-doc project that I developed and that I gave ...
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When you're collaborating with another group, how do you decide which one is the first author of the paper?

Say, A and B are two PhD students working on the same project, and C is their supervisor. D and E are two students working on a similar project to A and B's, and F is D and E's supervisor. The other ...
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How to get started on doing a research internship or a project in Mathematics?

I am an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at an Indian University. I want to get involved in a research internship, or a project in Mathematics. I don't know where to ...
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Can I ask my professor to allot me mentor while I am doing reading work for a theoretical project?

I am a master's student in Physics and currently working on my thesis work and I am having a hard time grasping some mathematical concepts needed. Most of my friends are working on simulation work, ...
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A letter of support for a grant from an independent practitioner

I am applying for a grant and am strengthen my proposal with letters of support. I will probably need help in a domain that I am not familiar with (i.e. Ophthalmology). A friend of mine is an ...
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The expenses of a postdoctoral fellow

I am a postdoctoral fellow on applied mathematics and I am applying for a scholarship, they asked to estimate the expenses of the scholarship. My laboratory pay for me the conferences, so do you have ...
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How to publish in genetics without access to funding or a lab?

I am currently working in quite new university as lecturer for applied medical science undergrad in genetics subjects. I am facing some issues: The university requires every lecturer do some ...
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I have no personal projects, should I mention school projects in my cover letter?

In my current studies I have been tasked with so many projects that I cannot find the time to work on personal projects. Should I mention my school projects in my cover letter / resume ?
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