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Questions regarding the academic projects including either thesis projects or other projects which may be done in the universities with support of academies and in collaboration with faculty members and students.

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How do project supervisors address the "freeloading" problem in group projects?

I am currently leading a three person team to tackle an undergrad engineering project that involves several parts. I am responsible for data analysis using sophisticated computer algorithms, another ...
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How to quantify the loss in productivity due to time spent on writing proposals

During my PhD it bothered me how much time my supervisor had to spend on writing proposals to get funding to do science, which in practice pretty much meant that he had no time to do science because ...
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What are the risks and benefits of being the first PhD of a new supervisor?

I am interested in a PhD project which will be supervised by somebody who has never supervised a PhD student before. In fact, this research group is not yet completely established. On their website ...
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I believe my classmates plan to hand in a plagiarized project, how should I handle this?

In my class, we have project groups of 4 or 5 students. This period has everything to do with game development. The project is to build a XNA game for children at primary school. Now, there is one ...
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How to tactfully "decommit" from projects?

As a young academic recently flown from the nest, I am starting to figure out my own research interests. I now feel like I have too many, though. During a postdoc where I struggled to fit in and ...
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Is paraphrasing my own texts using online tools is okay?

I am currently writing my master's thesis. I came across paraphrasing tools quite recently too. I saw that sometimes my texts are not very clear and repetitive (although I can explain an idea in an ...
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How to make a complaint about grades? [closed]

My professor announced the grades. He told us in each part what grades we had. My oral presentation for the project was way better than other students. But he just gave me 89 for oral and gave others ...
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Hiring freelancers for research projects

Professors in research universities often rely on graduate students as research assistants who work on a variety of tasks including analysis, coding, experimentation, and writing. When funding is ...
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Should I inform other project's members about my work on an idea which they are not initially interested in

I'm a PhD student working on a research project consisting of 2 teams. My team (team A) is on the practical side, we provide the problems related to our research and evaluate the theoretical solutions ...
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PhD crossroad: dealing with constantly absent supervisor and diverse workload?

I am in the first year of my PhD studies. Was involved with the same group since a while as a student, and then I was offered a PhD there. Project work The topic of my PhD is completely different from ...
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How to present projects that will soon be published on CV?

I have several projects that will be published soon. I am the 1st author in two of them and co-author in 3 of them. How to present this in my CV?
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When does the co-authorship line end for a PI's data

As I understand it, in the engineering field, the person who has research money and/or a project that leads to the collection of data, is put on research papers that directly use that data. I guess ...
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What to do when phd advisor wants me to work on side projects but i'm starting a post-doc?

I'm currently finishing up writing my PhD while starting a post-doc at another university in another country. The post doc is a great opportunity at a top tier university. Between finishing my ...
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Potential downsides to requesting an extension

I am curently working on my final year project which has a deadline in 3 weeks. This deadline has already been extended by 1 month from the previous deadline (which would have just passed) for ...
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How can I ask a professor about funding for Master?

I am looking for a master’s position. I emailed a professor, and we arranged a meeting on Skype, where he said that he would assess my knowledge and he told me that he will tell me the result ...
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