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Questions tagged [project-design]

Questions around how to start and organize each project. The project design may include pre-initial, initiation, middle and final phase of each project.

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How to conduct research project using R programming language [closed]

I am a student of Energy policy and International relations, I have earned a certificate in R basics with the purpose of conducting research/analysis in formulating the policies for the energy ...
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What is the most appropriate structure for introduction/background/related work when there is a 'gap' between them?

My MSc thesis is a multidisciplinary secondary data analysis project (data science-related) and its aim is to answer a specific question on the specific secondary data. However, I struggle with the ...
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Could I write a review paper as my B.Tech (Bachelors in Technology) final year project, rather than presenting an experiment based work? [closed]

I live in India. Currently due to the coronavirus pandemic, all colleges have been shut down and the country has gone in lockdown. As a result, my final year project work on electrocoagulation has ...
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Can a project be a PhD research? [closed]

I am preparing PhD porposal the proposal itself is a project design plan. Is that possible for a Project to be a PhD research? My Project is about web portal from data science.
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Is apprenticeship/reading the only way to learn experimental design? Are there books/papers about the theory of designing a sound experiment?

I am slogging away at grad school and I have a nagging feeling I can be more efficient. I feel like a person who cannot see more than a foot in front of them so I hit a lot of walls. My planning and ...
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If my B.Sc.project contains source code, should I include it in an appendix?

I do a B.Sc. degree project in computer science at KTH Institute of Technology. The work included a fair amount of source code written in C and NuSMV and the report is somewhat technical even for a CS ...
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Going to a different University for part of my PhD

SHORT: Is it normal -or perhaps "is there likely to be any kind of existing framework"- for me to go and do part of my PhD at another institution? For, say, a summer - although I might prefer ...
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How to define a project/thesis for the Master level?

I'm doing my PhD in computer science, and as a part of the PhD program I need to co-advise at least one Master thesis and 2 small Master projects. Of course I went to my supervisor in the first ...
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Project management techniques applied to research

Are there books/writing on project management as applied to scientific research (for PhD students and higher)? I am looking for something synonymous to Scott Berkun's "Making Things Happen", which ...
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Determining the appropriate research design

I am currently working on my master's thesis. My primary task is to perform qualitative research on the development of a purpose-built software application. I realise that I am now doing things in a ...
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Advice for writing Lab Manuals for undergraduate students

I was wondering how lab manuals for freshmen or junior year engineering students are created. I am currently working on documenting a lab manual for a project. Although, I am fairly well-versed with ...
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Is there any research on applying Agile/Extreme/Lean methods in academic research?

I've been enjoying quite a lot of literature, all published within the last ten years, on how to handle projects, ideas, development, thinking, and so in with processes like Extreme, Agile, or Lean. ...
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Project design and scope: "interesting" vs "incremental" science

I very recently came across a blog entry which was about a PhD candidate quitting a few weeks/months shy of completing the degree due to frustration with the way academia works in general. Now you ...
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