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Questions tagged [professorship]

Queries specific to the duties and responsibilities of professors, as distinct from all other academic staff positions. This tag should not be used for queries that could equally apply to researchers or instructors who are not professors.

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Can I still decline an accepted counter offer before signing a contract?

I am currently in a tenure-track assistant professor (AP) position. About one month ago, I got an AP position offer from a better ranked university, with a good startup package. When I informed my ...
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Should I collaborate with a potentially manipulative collaborator?

As a young assistant professor (female) in a math-oriented field, I've looped in a former colleague, now in industry, in one of my projects. While he is professional and skilled, a pattern has ...
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Moving institutions, gap employment, and R21 funding

I am currently a research scientist with an R21. I was offered an assistant professor position, but the starting date is after my current appointment ends. What would happen to my funding if I have a ...
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Two offers, both to get the Habilitation: better a 3+3 years position in a German University, or a 2 years position in a Swiss University?

It happened that 2 offers for similar positions, which goal would be to get the Habilitation, occured at the same time. One position would be a 3+3 years in one of the best German Universities, while ...
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