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Queries related to faculty who, although retired, remain affiliated with their department and sometimes maintain some professional activities. The feminine form of "professor emeritus" is "professor emerita".

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Does a professor emeritus typically retain full health benefits? [closed]

Across four-year universities in the U.S., do professor emeriti tend to receive full health benefits? Do professors ever retain health benefits in retirement? If not, how do retired professors ...
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What is the difference between "adjunct professor" and "professor emeritus"? Can the dean be an adjunct?

What I understand is, an adjunct professor is a part-time teacher a professor-emeritus is a part-time teacher who went past his full-time (tenured) period, but either the university didn't let him go,...
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Is there a recourse for a retired professor who was denied Emeritus title? [closed]

I know of a recently retired professor who has taught over 35 years, and has published over 100 papers, and has filed multiple patents as well. His college dean does not agree that he should get the ...
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Postdoc with a professor retiring soon

I am starting a new postdoc position with a professor who's retiring soon (<5 yrs, judging from the grad intake). I am interested in pursuing an academic job and it worries me that I would not be ...
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What to include in a Festschrift (memorial publication)?

A now deceased professor would have turned 100 year this year. What is the best way to honor his achievements? Should a Festschrift (memorial publication) include: Personal anecdotes on how you ...
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Is it possible to do a PhD with a Professor Emeritus? [duplicate]

The professor I want to work with for my PhD has recently changed status to Professor Emeritus. Would it still, in principle, be possible to do my PhD under his supervision or this just not possible? ...
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Is it okay to suggest a Professor Emeritus as a mentor when applying for US mathematics postdocs?

Consider a typical mathematics postdoctoral position in the US that is assessed at departmental level and open to applicants from all research areas. Suppose that applicants are required to indicate ...
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What does it mean when a department has 'retired professors' as part of their faculty? Can I still work with them?

What exactly does this mean? Could I do work with them? If not, why are they listed there? I am confused!
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Would a retired researcher mentor a postdoc with his/her own external funding? What about one without external funding?

I'll be completing my Ph.D. soon, and am reaching out to people who I'd like to serve as my mentor. Two questions with regards to "academically" retired researchers: If I have external funding, ...
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Any experience in working with aged emeritus supervisors?

Recently, a graduate position, supervised by an emeritus faculty member has been offered to me. The aforementioned professor is one of the most famous contributors of his field on the planet for over ...
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To whom is title "Professor Emeritus" given in the US?

Is the title given to those professors who have had a huge impact by their research and/or teaching and now on reaching the autumn of their career are less active in teaching and taking students but ...
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What academic functions does a Professor Emeritus usually serve?

I for one have never understood the distinction between a regular prof with a prof Emeritus/Emerita aside from the obvious fact that a Prof. Emeritus is someone who is usually fairly elderly and has ...
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Does it look bad if letter of recommendation comes from an emeritus professor?

I wonder is it a good idea to ask for a letter of recommendation from a emeritus professor who I took his course and knows me well? I was wondering is it bad to get a letter from someone who is not ...
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How to contact an Emeritus professor?

Question is in the title. More specifically, do emeritus professors (generally) check the emails which are listed on their university websites? I have emailed a few professors lately, asking about ...
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