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On measuring or improving workflow, organization, learning, memory, etc. in an academic context.

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Could my visiting instructor position be terminated due to low course reviews? Full time instructor position is not going well at all

I'm a fourth year doctoral student in Applied Experimental Psychology who earned a Master's prior to enrolling in my program (which my Ph.D program accepted on full). Long story short, my funding ran ...
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Struggle to regain lost passion in physics

I am a PhD student currently in my second to last year. Last year something weird happened, my supervisor forced me into projects in which I was not interested. He forced me into collaborations which ...
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What to do when someone is doing the same subtopic (originally brought up by me) of our group project as me and not willing to collaborate

Basically, we are in group of four working on a larger project in a graduate seminar. I brought up an idea to approach a subtopic X (abbreviated as X for convenience, but if you are familiar with ...
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Getting over a bad PhD start

Backstory - I was accepted for a PhD at an excellent university in a new and exciting field I've been working towards for a long time. Due to a number of issues, I had to delay my start date for 6 ...
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How often should one check the status of a manuscript?

How often (e.g. frequency) should one check the status of a submitted manuscript? I understand that daily checking is a waste of time while never checking the status might also bear risks (e.g. when a ...
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A better name for a reading list around a mathematician

I would like to create a reading list around the life and works of a mathematician. But I need to choose the name to use as the title. Take as an example the Bibliography of N. Bourbaki by L. Beaulieu ...
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Why are so many chalkboards placed in public places in university campuses?

I have heard that many academic campuses, ICTS, for example, are equipped with abundantly many chalkboards in all public places. I wonder what the reason behind this is and how it helps foster ...
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PhD students, how did you get work done when you initially had no externally determined routine? [duplicate]

This question is geared towards (new) researchers who do not work in a lab and have no teaching duties, like maths PhD students. How did you learn to be productive when you started? After doing ...
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How useful is a third language for a Engineering scientific/academic career?

I am a PhD candidate in Teleinformatics Engineering and, during my academic career, I was required to learn English in order to write articles, communicate with partners around the world, read books, ...
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Is it productive to work on weekends?

My Ph.D. supervisor told me to go to the office every day except Thursday and stay there as long as he was in the building. I.e., work in the office rather than remotely. Generally, he stays there ...
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Would it be ethical/reasonable for a PhD student to hire an undergrad for help with research-tangential tasks (see proposed job description below)?

Pretty much what the title says (I know this question is quite strange). I have some extra money (my research stipend is fairly generous, and I get paid by doing TA work on top of it) that I'd like to ...
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How to stay calm on days of no progress? [duplicate]

I'm a math PhD student working in Pure Mathematics. I guess, everybody is familiar with those days when you make very little progress or no progress at all. As the title suggests, I would like to know ...
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How should I not get in trouble due to my political views in academia as a student in my time left in my home country given these political conditions

This question has been in my mind for about an year. Finally, I am asking it here. I don't know I would be getting knowledge about it anywhere else. I think it is on topic here. Kindly help. I live in ...
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How to ask my supervisor to "take the wheel" following a nervous breakdown?

I am in the third year of a STEM PhD at a top university. My supervisors have all been very happy with my progress since my project started in Oct 2019, and thanks in part to antidepressants and other ...
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What questions should be answered in a paper by sections?

I am trying to find a way to "systematize" the writing process of a paper by answering questions in each section of the paper. I am thinking of an example with the following sections (which ...
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What are good habits in learning mathematics well?

Please bear with me while I provide some background and then ask my question, which I hope you will be able to answer and thus aid my capacity to learn mathematics more efficiently and thoroughly. I ...
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I want to learn everything and it is doing more harm than good [closed]

I got really bad problem. First of all, I am studying for exams, and we have syllabus for exams. And 80% of questions in this exam are repeated from the past year question papers of last 10 years. I ...
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Survive the postdoc stage having ADHD

I made it to a rather high level in Academia (I'm a senior postdoc at the moment) but now I am stuck at this level (doing my 6th postdoc in 7 years). I was performing quite well when I had more or ...
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How to get tuned into a subject faster during exams?

We have 3 days gaps during exams. It takes me about two days to get tuned into a subject, i.e ., to get into the state of flow. I get tuned to studying around the middle of the second day. Is there ...
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How to efficiently switch between two different subjects without losing productivity?

One thing I have noticed as a student is that when I have to switch between two different tasks that I am supposed to be doing, say, for example, studying for two different subjects I am reading, I ...
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How to handle a harsh negative review? [duplicate]

Context It is the first time I am submitting a research article as a first author. The review reports finally came back. Review A is positive, suggesting acceptance and a few modifications. Review B ...
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Ways to improve writing, so that one needs less time spent on proof reading?

Ways to improve writing, so that one needs less time spent on proof reading? I've been a bit annoyed, because it seems that using a "write, then proof read" -approach seems ineffective, ...
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Why are small distractions impacting my day so much?

During the pandemic, at least the premier institutes of my country are operating in work from home mode. Since this lessens the physical activity of going around labs and classrooms daily I tried to ...
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What does it mean for a (assoc.) professor to have very few first-author publications while directing a lab/group?

I've stumbled upon various professors (R1 universities in CS) having almost no first-author publications for multiple years while directing (or co-directing) their research groups/labs. From the ...
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Addressing loss of productivity during pandemic [closed]

I haven't had access to physical books since university libraries have been closed. How do I address this in interviews, and will people dismiss my file because of this?
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How to find all references for URL [closed]

I want to find all the papers that have cited a specific URL (which is in my case,, etc). I tried searching those in Google scholar, ...
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How can I quickly learn advanced math concepts for my PhD in engineering?

I am a PhD student majoring in Medical Engineering. My interest in Math is high, but my knowledge isn't. I have just a bit of knowledge in Calculus, Linear Algebra and a little Statistics (just can do ...
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Supervisor not giving helpful academic direction

I'm a second-year (almost third-year) PhD student having serious trouble due to lack of scientific direction. I initially worked well with my supervisor, but when COVID hit she essentially ghosted the ...
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Moving from a modest research laboratory to a laboratory with a prestigious research portfolio. Tips to be successful?

Background I have done my PhD (Computer Science) at a university (in a third world country) with very limited resources. My research was not funded, my previous lab didn't provide any research support ...
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People with at least four PhDs

This is a question of pure curiosity: just like there exists polyglots who speak dozens of languages, are there any cases of people obtaining at least four PhDs? (It is okay if topics are fairly close,...
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Maximizing Output [closed]

What are your methods in maximizing research output? I, a junior researcher without teaching duties at the moment, have been trying to work more and more hours, pushing leisure closer and closer to ...
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First year Math PhD student; My problem solving skill has been completely atrophied and continues to decline

I'm a first year PhD student in mathematics and I'm in a pretty bad spot. Over the last year or so of undergrad and first semester of grad school, I've completely atrophied my problem solving skill. ...
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COVID-19 and decrease in research productivity

I wonder if there are any statistics or study analyzing the impact of isolation, teleworking due to COVID-19 pandemic on res.earchers' productivity. From the beginning of the pandemic, I really feel ...
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What is a good rule of thumb for the cost of a Postdoc, in the US at an R1 university [closed]

Suppose I want to pay a postdoc $65K for salary. How much research fund do I need to have to support this postdoc (on average, of course, not exactly)? Is it only the 65K or are there many other ...
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Writing grant applications as a new academic/faculty member [closed]

I am a new faculty member at a University. In the last 5 months since I started, I have applied (or in process of applying) 4 research grants (2 internal applied, 2 external in the process). What I ...
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Program to manage research

I'm searching for a PC program, that syncs to the cloud (to Dropbox?), that will allow me comfortable management of PhD research, kind of a digital lab book. That includes - Comfortably adding daily/...
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How can I enable productive online meetings with my supervisor?

I am currently writing my master's thesis. My advisor is very busy, and I reckon he will allocate about 1-3 hours a month to actively supervise me, at least in the near future. Due to the ongoing ...
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Is being an event planner also part of being an academician? How do you cope?

My question is, is being event planners every semester (unrelated to deep research) considered part of being an academician? And how do you navigate or balance all of your tasks (including organizing ...
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Discouraged by advisor to take courses, is there a way to navigate through this situation?

Graduate schools in North America usually have a required number of courses that you need to pass. Afterwards, the school is usually pretty flexible at the student taking more courses (and it is often ...
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An already poor career profile turned worse this year. Any hope left for an academic career? [closed]

31 years old, with a PhD in mechanical engineering. Graduated last December, I did not get any decent postdoc position due to my poor publication record during my 5.5 years duration PhD (1 first ...
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Are Systematic Reviews Efficient To Familiarize Yourself With The State-of-the-Art?

Problem I have to familiarize myself with a new sub-field fast, to the point where I can recommend an agenda/recommendation for further research. I thought about doing a systematic literature review ...
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How do you keep up motivation during individual doctoral research projects in the short run

I always have been extremely motivated in my research area and project. My team and I have been writing our current paper over the last 6 months, and since we stumbled upon bugs, the process became ...
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Is researchgate still useful? [closed]

It seems that researchgate is gaining some popularity in recent years. However, there is some criticism on their habit of sending requests and unsolicited spam emails?. What is your experience of ...
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Need advise on a career in academia [closed]

I am desperately looking for a sense of direction. I am about to start a career in academia and I am..I guess scared. My Ph.D. was something, it was enlightening, to say the least. I do not have too ...
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My PI is irresponsible and I worry about my career as a postdoc [closed]

I am a postdoc in life sciences in the US and have started my postdoc around 6 months ago. I am at a great (top-10) university. I like the university, lots of smart people and friendly environment. I ...
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Maintaining sustained productivity and enthusiasm

There are researchers who work each day, every day of the year from the moment they reach their office till late. As a young and upcoming researcher, I find that I need breaks after a few days of this ...
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Quarantined at home because of COVID19 - how can I do engineering research productively? [closed]

I started grad school last September, and so far have been primarily busy with courses, but have been trying to do a little research on the side whenever I can. I recently finished all my courses ...
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Has the rate of papers uploaded to arXiv changed due to Covid-19? [closed]

I'm wondering how much Covid-19 affected scientific productivity, if it affected productivity negatively at all (c.f. Newton actually did a lot of his most important work while the University of ...
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Is a legit tool? Any experience with it?

A colleague just tipped me about which advertises itself as a collaborative writing tool, with some really sweet features like importing docx and LaTeX; searching and adding citations ...
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What is an optimal reading order for a set of related papers?

A common problem I encounter every time I do a literature search on a new subject is determining a reading order for papers. It feels akin to jumping into a prolific sci-fi fantasy series, but since ...
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