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Procrastination means replacing more urgent actions with tasks less urgent, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.

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Getting over a bad PhD start

Backstory - I was accepted for a PhD at an excellent university in a new and exciting field I've been working towards for a long time. Due to a number of issues, I had to delay my start date for 6 ...
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Shall I quit as a co-author on this paper?

I was involved with a physician in the write up of a unique case report. In May 2022 we started the project. I wrote the introduction, case reports after interviewing the patients, prevalence data ...
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On the merit of text-to-speech system during manuscript writing [closed]

Background - I am an educative staff in an university. In my country, there is not a tenure system, but I can work here until the specified retired age. I am suffering from every kind of ...
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how to avoid procrastination of writing manuscript?

Let me ask an academician who knows lifehacks well. I'm thinking of ways to avoid the following vicious cycle related to writing manuscripts. Go straight to one's keyboard or terminal → people can't ...
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Does anyone have any concrete evidence for the time distribution of student assignment submissions relative to a deadline

My question is about submission deadlines. When do students submit their work relative to a given deadline? I see a lot of second guessing and anecdotal evidence and "in my class I have seen this ...
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How do I deal with a collaborator who stopped working at the final stage of a research project?

I am a graduate student who started to collaborate with a postdoc last year on a research project which we both came up with. During the past year we had several discussions about this project. I ...
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struggling with procrastination, looking for strategies and ideas [duplicate]

I am currently in the writing phase of my thesis. Factors related to and unrelated to academia are putting me under "nice" amount of pressure. it became much harder for me to concentrate on reading or ...
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OCD and studying [duplicate]

Learning or studying is a huge burden on me and I always feel like I spend 10 times much more effort than any other student to start studying and keep it going. I am struggling with OCD many years and ...
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How to deal with procrastination issues [duplicate]

As a graduate student I switch between many tasks during each week. My activities consist of attending classes, doing homework, grading, working on my research and studying for exams. However I notice ...
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Mid-stage PhD student lost motivation [duplicate]

I'm a PhD student in literature who is nearly half way through my third year. Recently (last month or two) I feel like I've lost all motivation to work on my thesis. Instead of treating it like a ...
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How to get work done on the weekends

As an undergraduate, I had a problem: I could work very efficiently during the week, but over the weekend I could get absolutely nothing done. Usually my plans for the weekend would include errands, ...
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Do professors procrastinate? [closed]

I'm a Masters student and graduating in two weeks. I need to admit that I procrastinated A LOT while working on my thesis. If I do my Ph.D. I expect myself to procrastinate a lot there too. However, I'...
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How to get an advisor to finish their part of a publication when they have not done anything on it for over a year?

I graduated from a reputed North American university with a master's degree in 2013. Due to severe personal problems (deaths/illness in the family, war-torn homeland, divorce, financial issues, and so ...
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How to work efficiently under loose supervision during graduate studies?

I work in a very cross-disciplinary field, which has caused me some headache* over the past couple of years, partly due to the fact that my supervisor isn't very knowledgeable regarding the day to day ...
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How to deal with a procrastinating (student) collaborator?

I am just beginning a research project with a fellow student. She is always 10-20 minutes late to scheduled meetings and has a very hard time making any sort of deadline. She freely admits that she is ...
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Strategies to overcome "academic-apathy" in the final stages of the PhD?

Background - I am doing my PhD in atmospheric physics/photobiology. Here is a scenario: The experiments are complete - the results are far better than expected Successfully got the computer program ...
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