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What can be disclosed in letters of recommendation under FERPA?

I rarely hear of students signing FERPA release forms when asking for letters of recommendation. Yet letters of recommendation commonly talk about student's performance in a class, projects they did ...
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Opting out of Scopus Author ID

The Scopus Author Identifier is an identifier that Elsevier attributes to researchers in order to create a public profile for them on its Scopus platform. My question is whether researchers have ...
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Right to see the proof of cheating and privacy

A person accused of any wrongdoing should have the right to see the proofs of such a wrongdoing. Then, a student accused of cheating because having presented the same answer, work or file as any other ...
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As a TA, how much information should I share with the professor about students?

This is my first semester being a TA. When students email me and include personal reasons (e.g. sick family member or mental health struggles) when they ask for things like extensions or to switch ...
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Should I use the university or personal account for note-taking?

I'm a first-year medical university student and was given a Microsoft email with the uni's domain that is also connected to a free Office 365 subscription. The uni wants us to use their email to ...
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Using anonymized student grades in a publication? [duplicate]

Can I use anonymized student grades for a study that could later be published? The idea would be, for instance, to investigate if a group of students taught by Method A had a different grade ...
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A scholarship organization is publishing my personal information on their website

In February 2018, I received a one-time scholarship (1000 €) from a private association in the EU. A few months ago, I noticed the organization published on their website private information of the ...
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Is it all right to spy on students while they're using their accounts? [closed]

So you might be thinking that my school invades the privacy of the students, but the question is at what point should it be private? The reason I am asking this is because one of my classmates just ...
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Naming students one has supervised in a CV

What are the privacy implications of including a section in a CV listing information about students that one has supervised, e.g.: PhD supervision Jane Doe. Awesome thesis title (2020). John Smith. ...
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How bad is it to have your full personal address publicly available in a journal paper?

I've recently published several papers in different peer-reviewed and reasonably high quality journals. Since I have no academic affiliation (I do research as a ''hobby''), I was asked to provide a ...
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My PhD thesis has personal information and I don't want this to be public. What can I do?

I just finished my dissertation at a German university that requires that I include personal data (place of birth, date of birth) on the title page of the dissertation. While I have no problem giving ...
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A journal published my private home address alongside my publication. Can I get it removed?

Some years ago, I published an article in a Springer journal. However, when I accessed its online version today, I found out that the publisher has swapped my residential address for my correspondence ...
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I want to review my old college applications via FERPA - is this possible?

Several years ago I applied to a bunch of universities, many of which rejected or waitlisted me. Since then, there has been a lot of discussion about transparency in the college admissions process, ...
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Can FERPA or privacy laws be used to censor medical information on my college transcript?

I had to medically withdraw from one semester at an American university due to documented illness. My transcripts indicate that the withdrawal is due to a medical reason. Can I use FERPA or other ...
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Do instructors have the right to know how many students test positive for COVID-19?

My university tests every student. So they have the data. I can understand that for privacy, the names of the students who tested positive are not released to the public or the instructors. But do ...
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Monitoring employee's work habits - is it acceptable and how to express dissaproval appropriately?

I've recently started as a Lecturer but have been with the same University on a fixed-term contract some time prior. My University is mainly using MS Teams as the official chat, e-mail, calendar and ...
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Could your supervisor decide what you post on social media?

I am a first year PhD student in Europe, I started in November. My supervisor has recently take a liking into posting on social media and communication-related issues (style, words, hours etc), even ...
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Can online recording of work area at home be made a mandatory criterion for passing exams midway through a course?

Right now with the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada I believe most Ontario universities and colleges have their classes online, and my university decided to do that as well. With this in mind, many of our ...
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Instructor listening in secretly in simulated intake assignment -- allowed? Ethical?

I am in an online, accredited, public, post-baccalaureate degree program. I think it's the first time my instructor is teaching a university course -- at least at this institution. The instructor ...
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Is it acceptable for the secretary to have full access to our entire Outlook agenda?

Today we were asked by the management of our department to give full access of our agenda in Outlook to the secretary. By full access, I mean the possibility to look, read, write, delete (own) slots ...
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It is alright to include students' first names in a teaching statement?

Is it alright to include students' first names in a teaching statement, or would this come off as weird and too personal? Or a privacy concern? You often hear the advice to include specific stories ...
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3 answers

General considerations about sharing referee reports

I have occasionally noticed that an author chooses to share publicly referee reports from a journal, usually because they are feeling aggrieved about a rejection. I also know that now and then people ...
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What should a student do when they are the victim of a FERPA violation?

A student was subject to a clear Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) violation by a professor. Does student have any rights against the professor? How should they proceed when they ...
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Student found guilty of plagiarism is also academic at other university

I am an administrator of a university in U.K. A student has been found guilty of plagiarism and is facing the harshest punishment – 0 in the course and no opportunity to retake which will get him ...
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Is it appropriate to ask a job candidate if we can record their interview?

I am part of a faculty search committee. One round of our process is Skype interviews of top candidates. Not all of our committee will be able to attend each interview (even remotely). Would it be ...
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Asking my Professor to create a Google Account to submit a Letter of Recommendation for me

I requested a recommendation letter to a professor and he agreed to write one for me. However, the application (a Google form) to which he needed to upload the letter required a Google account to ...
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FERPA and confidentiality of information when university officials contact school

I have a reason to think an official from a university I previously applied to is potentially stalking me. His previous actions and attitude had made me uncomfortable. We live in the same town and at ...
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What is a reasonable expectation for privacy of exam and homework grades?

I went to a large public state school for undergrad. In most of my classes, great measures were taken to keep assignment and exam grades private. When I became a TA, I had to complete a privacy/...
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Is it acceptable to look up a student on the Internet to find out whether I have a conflict of interest?

This is a follow-up to this question, which I ask due to debates arising in the comments. While I ask it in the first person to keep things simple, it is not based on a real experience of mine. One ...
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Does recording video of a scientific presentation violate the privacy of a PhD student?

The answers to this popular question were somewhat controversial, but many including @dan-romik whose answer was highly upvoted mentioned that recording a video is a violation of personal privacy and ...
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Is it an invasion of privacy to ask a lecturer for details on their LaTeX editor setup?

I (very) recently completed a Real Analysis course at my university. One day during the course I went to see my lecturer regarding an error I spotted in his notes. The notes set for our course were ...
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Does the GDPR entitle students to see their recommendation letters?

If I am correctly informed, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entitles any EU and EEA citizen to have right of access of any data stored about them (and non-EU/EEA citizens such access to ...
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Is a professor allowed to require me to give him permission to speak with my doctor before letting me make up an exam?

I study in the USA. Can a professor ask me to waive my right to privacy so he can talk to my doctor about my medical condition? He says he needs that in order to allow me to take a make-up midterm ...
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How do you send personalized information to each student in Moodle?

My institution uses Moodle as our learning management system. I want to send some information to each student that is personalized to each student but without any other students seeing it. This is a ...
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Can a university provide information about a student's activities?

In the United States, if anyone, be it a relative, a colleague, potential employer, or colleague, requests to the pertinent department, in the university I study/ied in, certain information about ...
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What is actually confidential in communications in state universities?

I have been hearing things like nothing you write in an email is confidential in state universities because of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or other similar state laws. Questions: Can I ...
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Is a professor allowed to ask me what grade I got in a previous class?

I'm a student in Michigan, in the United States. I've just started a class for which a previous class was the prerequisite. The professor of my current class asked that I give him my grade for that ...
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Including Patients' Pictures in a Manuscript

I am going to include some pictures of patients in my manuscript, which will be submitted to a scientific journal for peer review. In order to keep the subjects’ identity and following the data ...
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My university requires unrestricted access to my personal laptop. What should I do?

I am not sure that Academia is the right place to post this, as it would probably be better suited for I am a student in Italy. My university requires unrestricted access to my personal ...
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FERPA alternative for German universities

Is there anything similar to US Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that is valid for German universities, or education system of Germany in general? I mostly concerned in preserving ...
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Student number indicates when you started – what to do about the ensuing prejudice?

I come from a university where the first two digits of your student number represents when you started in the university. As such people often use this to judge age, whether the person is repeating or ...
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Is it a breach of privacy to list the names of past interns and supervised students on your academic website?

I've seen many personal web pages of (US/UK/EU) academics that have a list of all the PhD, MSc/BSc or internship students they've supervised before. Is this allowed or does it break privacy of the ...
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Is it ethical to share names and emails of survey participants?

My friend has conducted a small pilot survey as part of research proposal and used anonymized results to present his case. Now adviser insists that my friend discloses names and emails of all the ...
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Why don't first-world universities use video surveillance to catch in-class cheating?

With so many first-world universities upgrading their academic buildings with state-of-the-art classrooms that have advanced technology, eg, capability to record lectures and post them on websites ...
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In US universities, how much academic information does a professor have about graduate students enrolled in his classes?

Does he know immediately (from some internet / intranet access) which students in his classes are undergraduates, masters students, PhD students, non-degree students? Does he typically have access to ...
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I am uncomfortable about students taking pictures of the blackboard, because I don't like appearing in them

It seems to be the trend that fewer and fewer students take notes in class. Lately, and particularly this semester, for some reason, I have been noticing that several students take pictures of the ...
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Should I send a letter of recommendation directly to a student?

I teach at a U.S. community college, and commonly write letters of recommendation for students applying subsequently to either bachelor's programs or graduate school. I am accustomed to sending such ...
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Does FERPA apply to university teachers when they are working as private tutors?

In addition to teaching at a U.S. university, I also do some private tutoring on the side. I am always scrupulous about observing my university's conflict of interest policy, which prohibits tutoring ...
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Is your advisor allowed to read your emails?

In a typical workplace (North America), it is accepted that all communications through your work email are not personal property, and can be accessed by managers, IT department etc. Is this also true ...
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Citing private individuals without their authorization?

I am writing about an innovation camp, which private individuals took part to. During this camp, they developed systems. I have analyzed these systems in my study, and thus want to credit their author ...
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