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Questions regarding making manuscripts available prior to their publication in a peer-reviewed source.

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Is there a "blind" e-print service?

Motivated by questions such as Double blind review allowing arXiv submissions : is there a respectable e-print website (ideally Arxiv itself) that allows me to submit a "blind preprint", i.e....
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Does the license for arXiv uploads apply to TeX source or the PDF?

I am wondering to which of the content that I publish on arXiv the license I chose during publication applies. Let's assume that I uploaded just a single TeX-source file and filled out the form with ...
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IEEE submission vs ArXiv Version with missing IEEE-statement

I've just got and corrected my revised paper. I submitted the revision to IEEE and I uploaded a newer version to ArXiv. BUT I made a mistake and the IEEE-disclaimer statement was regretfully missing ...
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References of version 2 of an arXiv paper not added in Google Scholar

I first uploaded a paper to arXiv and it was correctly added to my Google Scholar profile. After a few months, I made some modifications to the article, uploading a second version to arXiv (this ...
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Allowing preprints boosts the impact factor – was this argument ever (prominently) made?

Background The impact factor is a journal metric that rewards citations in the first two years after publication (or five in some flavours). For better or worse, this metric has some importance and ...
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Self-archiving of a preprint whose title has changed in the journal version

After a revision that included a change in the title, I recently got my last paper accepted. The policy of the editor about arXiv is that self-archiving is allowed at any time for preprints, but only ...
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Can pre-print be published as "working paper" after the peer reviewed and revised manuscript has been accepted for publication by the journal?

A colleague wishes to publish a pre-print as a "working paper" after the revised manuscript has gone through the peer review process and accepted for publication. The rationale is that firstly, ...
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Can you submit for journal publication an institutional working paper?

Journals are nowadays fairly open to preprints before submission (e.g. Nature policies here However, ...
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What's Normal Distribution Time for SSRN?

I've submitted two papers to the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). One paper was approved within a week and the other has been In Process for two weeks. This isn't problematic, but I'm curious ...
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What are the most reasonable side margins for a (math) preprint?

When disseminating your research with a preprint, is there ever a disadvantage to using (almost) the full printable page area? I see overwhelming advantages to using the entire page: The page count ...
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When to submit to viXra (rather than arXiv or not at all)?

arxiv has the description: arXiv is a free distribution service and an open-access archive for 2,146,943 scholarly articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative ...
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Where to draw the line between preprint and author-submitted paper?

I read on (mirror): Preprint: a form of e-print where an author posts a draft paper on the author’s or another ...
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