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Questions related to registration prior to attendance for such things as talks and conferences.

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Is it possible to preregister non-experiment studies?

I am a PhD student in social science and a professor and I are planning to run a survey in South Asia. It is not an experiment. However, we were thinking of pre-registering in case it would give us ...
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Ask for a reduction in conference registration fees

I submitted a paper to an international conference, but the registration fees were initially undetermined. Once the list of accepted papers was published, the conference website provided information ...
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What is the difference between academic and business registration when applying to conferences?

I have been trying to register for a conference abroad and it is my first time to do so. So I wanted to ask what they mean by academic or business registration when applying.
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Why aren’t my Personal Keywords accepted by the registration system in Journal of Number Theory (Elsevier)?

I have tried many times to register (pre registration) in Journal of Number Theory of Elsevier publisher, when I put my Personal Keywords I got the below attached error notice, I separated my keywords ...
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Number of registrants for a virtual talk I organized turned out to be small, should I notify the speaker beforehand?

I'm a graduate student and I organised a series of online lectures spread over many days. The total number of registrants was 50 but those who actually came were around 10 to 11. Now, today one of the ...
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Shortlisting criteria for an oversubscribed course: first-come-first-served vs grade point and classroom diversity

I teach an advanced Engineering elective course which has a mixed audience of Junior (3rd year) and Seinor (4th year) undergrads and some Grad students. Since it is a interactive course with a lot ...
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How long should I wait for Prospero registration?

I am currently in process of conducting two systematic review and meta-analysis. I have filled in the registration of my reviews in Prospero, yet I have not received any response from the Prospero. I ...
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How can I pre-register my study of little importance?

I am writing an undergraduate dissertation on behavioural economics. I am looking to run an experiment. As nobody apart from my course convenor will read my paper, the stakes are not particularly high....
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Ways to get around pre-registration?

The question sounds bad but here is the context: My area of focus is psychology where preregistering studies (e.g., methodology, hypotheses, analytical plans) is becoming more and more popular to ...
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How can I check which Bachelor's degrees are offered by which institutions in Israel?

I want to be able check, given the name of a field or discipline, which Israeli academic institutions offer a Bachelor's degree in that field or discipline. Hopefully also whether it's a B.A., B.Sc. ...
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Correcting Preregistered Methods After the Fact

I'm often asked to help conduct statistical analyses after a paper is rejected for statistical errors. In some cases, the study, including the methods and analyses, is preregistered in some way (e.g. ...
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What are examples of experiments or studies where pre-registration would not be feasible?

The incoming editor of Psychological Science mentions in an interview that pre-registration isn't feasible for all submissions to the journal: In instances in which preregistration is feasible... ...
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