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Questions about conference poster presentations. Poster presentations usually consist of affixing the research poster to a portable wall with the researcher in attendance to answer any questions.

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Default poster size

What is the typical size for a conference poster? Is it "ask the organizers", or can I safely assume that I'll get a default size, and that there will be enough space to hang it at the poster session?
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Talks vs. poster presentations: Which is better for advertising your research and building research networks?

I'm looking into applying to present at a conference for undergraduates in mathematics this summer. When I apply, I have to either apply to give a talk (~20 minutes) or present a poster. From what I'...
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Travelling for an academic seminar with a 36*48 inch poster board on a flight

I need to attend a competition\seminar with my teenage son. He needs to create a project for this competition on a 36"*48" trifold poster board. Now the dimensions of this trifold poster board do not ...
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Printing a poster at the conference

While peripherally related to Flying with a poster tube as a hand luggage, I am trying to avoid this. I would like to print my poster at the conference. I am considering this for two reasons. First, ...
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How important are poster sessions in conferences?

Many times I've attended and will attend international conferences presenting a poster in my life. I used to think that this poster works have been considered less important than scientific papers or ...'s user avatar
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9 answers

Flying with a poster tube as a hand luggage

I am flying to a conference, in which I am presenting a poster. In principle there might be a problem, as the poster tube: is a second piece of hand luggage, it is longer than the limit allows. ...
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What are some general good principles for creating a poster for a poster session?

Should one create slides similar to those that one uses in a good powerpoint presentation? Or are there things that a poster should include that a powerpoint should not include? (and vice versa)
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3 answers

How do you cite from a presentation or poster at a conference?

For example, a presentation whose PDF is listed at And what if the presentation doesn't have a publicly available URL? How would ...
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Software to use for creating posters for academic conferences?

And how much time does it usually take? I'd like to create a poster without having to put too much time into formatting.
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