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Questions tagged [policy]

On the formulation and application of formal rules and regulations by a university, instructor, or publisher.

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IEEE submission vs ArXiv Version with missing IEEE-statement

I've just got and corrected my revised paper. I submitted the revision to IEEE and I uploaded a newer version to ArXiv. BUT I made a mistake and the IEEE-disclaimer statement was regretfully missing ...
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Course Syllabus changed drastically, leading to drastically different final grades

Apologies if this is not the place for such a question. I've seen elsewhere that other professors reserve the right to change syllabi midsemester. However, it's been brought to my attention that a ...
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Is "focussed revision" ethical and are my grades likely to be affected if it is deemed to be against university policy?

I am a second year student in Mathematics in the UK and my Calculus lecturer practices something which he calls "Focussed Revision". What I've heard from students in years above me is that "focussed ...
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Are University Policies and Procedures in (public) Canadian universities supposed to be public?

I recently attempted to access the current University Policies and Procedures for a (public) Canadian university from the university's website. But when I clicked on the link to the PDF the browser ...
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How can I politely request that an authority figure respected protocol?

I am in a postgraduate program, part of which is to do an internship at an organization or school recommended by the program, mostly by observing a class or by shadowing a professor at his job. ...
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Book with comprehensive description of (history and operation of) Harvard university

I really am not sure if my question falls under this Stack Exchange forum, but I am going to try. A friend of mine asked me if there is a book with some sort of comprehensive description of Harvard ...
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