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Questions tagged [policy]

On the formulation and application of formal rules and regulations by a university, instructor, or publisher.

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44 votes
7 answers

Do journals in general have any kind of policy regarding papers submitted by someone without a research affiliation?

Assuming that there are no ethical or legal concerns involved, in general, how would academic journals handle research submitted from the general public (e.g., if a carpenter were to perform a study ...
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17 votes
4 answers

What are the reasons for journals to have a policy against publishing material available as a preprint?

As it can be appreciated from this list of journals with varying preprint policies, certain journals consider a preprint to be "prior publication". In other fields like Chemistry, there is a strong ...
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55 votes
5 answers

Are relationships allowed between students and faculty?

What sorts of restrictions do universities place on romantic or sexual relationships between faculty and graduate students, and what are the underlying issues that motivate these restrictions? For ...
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52 votes
11 answers

Are there universities that consider it academic misconduct for students to publish material created by faculty?

Please read the bold text before answering. A colleague has shown me that one of his students has posted exam questions with answers , and prior assignments with answers to a commercial web site ...
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39 votes
12 answers

How to deal with cheating when university policy is ineffective?

I am co-teaching a relatively large class with two other colleagues in a big university. Each semester, most students are amazing, trustworthy, and well-behaved and it is a pleasure to work with my ...
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32 votes
8 answers

Is it ethical for students to be required to consent to their final course projects being publicly shared?

In a course, students were required to sign a consent form to share their final course project. There were two options that they could choose from: either anonymous sharing or sharing with attribution/...
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1 vote
2 answers

Sharing assignments with a potential employer

I'm currently a first year information technology student majoring in software development. I applied for an internship at a software development company. I got an interview and now they're asking to ...
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103 votes
10 answers

How can I address a student systematically boosting their grades by filing frivolous complaints?

I was recently accused of unfair grading by a student. The accusation is meritless, and it didn't take long to prove that I didn't do anything wrong. No damage, but a lot of time wasted. Later, I ...
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60 votes
23 answers

My university requires that I take attendance. How should I treat students who arrive late to class?

I might soon teach at a university which requires that I record attendance of students, as follows: Attendance is a requirement for the course. A person with at least 75% of attendance is eligible to ...
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37 votes
7 answers

Why not offer credit by exam to students who have failed a course?

Summary: Students who have never taken a particular course often can get "credit by exam". However, it's extremely common for credit by exam to be disallowed to students who have previously ...
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37 votes
5 answers

How should a university deal with outsourced essay writing?

My campus is full of flyers, typically attached to lightposts and so, advertising to write essays for money. There's plenty of such services offered on the internet as well. Presumably, many ...
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34 votes
4 answers

Why should (or should not) a university have a policy of not hiring its own PhDs?

My university (in France) is having a debate about the relevance of taking rules for preventing too many of its PhDs to be recruited here, or asking them to have some postdoc outside the region before....
18 votes
5 answers

How to deal with dramatic drop in grade due to strict attendance policy [closed]

I'm currently taking a required class where attendance is counted at 15% of the grade. The policy is that if a student misses more than 2 lectures, they lose all 15% of those points. The class ...
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14 votes
4 answers

How can US faculty verify medical absences?

I recently received a memo stating that I am not allowed to ask for doctor's notes when students are absent from class, as this is allegedly a violation of privacy rights. If this is the case, then ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Where do we draw the line between suspicion, and evidence, of cheating on an exam?

Where do we draw the line between suspicion and evidence of cheating on an exam? For example, on an online timed essay exam, in a student's essay, 99% of the sentences are identical to sentences found ...
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4 answers

How can a phd student lobby against university wide publication restrictions?

Recently, my university has expressed that it wishes to enforce compliance with Plan S, an European-wide initiative to 'transition' towards open access publications, for all researchers employed by ...
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4 votes
4 answers

Can someone ever be accused of self-plagiarism after the course is over?

I submitted a philosophy essay to a professor for his 2nd year class that was almost the same as an essay I submitted to a TA for the same professor's 1st year class. I thought that I had ...
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3 answers

One student grading other students' assignments in the same course?

In the US, can a student who is already enrolled in a course grade homework assignments of all other students in the same course (but not actually accessing and changing academic records)? Is it legal ...
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1 answer

What is a good scheme to determine percentage contributions to a paper

Sometimes researchers are asked to define percentage contributions to a paper with more than one author. E.g., usually the supervisor in charge of the project will determine in which percentage each ...
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Are there universities with policies that default intellectual property decisions to faculty?

For context, at a US-based institute there is a typical business-like policy stating intellectual property developed by faculty is owned by the institute. Likewise, faculty are required to submit ...
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NIH grants - moving to another institution as PI [closed]

If you submit an NIH grant (e.g. RO1) as PI and then move to another institution prior to study section review, or after an award is made, what are your options under both scenarios? Also, what is ...
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