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PLOS ONE is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) since 2006.

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How is publishing in PLoS One perceived by peers and hiring committees? [closed]

I am a final year doctoral candidate and have three other publications in decent field-specific journals. Will an addition of a first authored plos one article make my cv or publication record thus ...
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Can I post on Arxiv a final paper published on PLOS ONE?

Can I post on Arxiv a final paper published on PLOS ONE? I would like to put on Arxiv the final edited paper, replacing the old pre-print. Can I do that? I am wondering if this violates any rule of ...
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How to reference/link to an online code repository, whose location may change in the future

We are about to publish a paper in PLOS One Computational Biology about an algorithm that we developed. The code will be open-source on GitLab and we want include some obvious way of finding it. It ...
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GDPR and PLOS One Data Sharing

A fair number of PLOS One articles have statements like the following: Data Availability: Data cannot be made publicly available as the dataset contains sensitive and identifying information. The ...
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Response to desk return of PLOS submission

I recently submitted to PLOS One. The manuscript was returned before sending to review, with a general comment Please ensure that your search strategy is adequately described such that another ...
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In which case does PLOS ONE use a third reviewer?

We have submitted our manuscript 10 weeks ago to PLOS ONE and are still waiting for a first decision. We sent an inquiry, and they replied that the paper is under review with a 3rd reviewer. Does it ...
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When does it make sense to send more inquiries asking about review progress to PLoS ONE?

My paper has been under review for 2.5 months now at PLoS ONE. I am still waiting for the first review result. I have sent three inquiries to ask about the progress, and all the responses were ...