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Questions tagged [plagiarism-checker]

This tag is for software (and other) solutions that allow to check a text or a submission to a journal/conference for instances of plagiarism. The tag is also for questions on the ethics and concerns when using such solutions as well as other issues related to the use of plagiarism-checkers. For questions that are about plagiarism in general, please use the tag "plagiarism" instead.

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22 votes
5 answers

Found possible instance of plagiarism in joint review paper and PhD thesis of high profile collaborator, what to do?

I am a new assistant professor, and I just started my faculty career. I encountered a problem when collaborating with a tenured associate professor from an American University. I am a new faculty, and ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Replying to an editor after plagiarism accusation and manuscript rejection

As the title of this question suggests, a manuscript that I submitted was flagged as plagiarized by iThenticate and was rejected by the editor. The editor claims that the manuscript has 35% similarity ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How to Address Unprocessable PDF Submissions in SafeAssign for Plagiarism Checks?

I am an astronomy professor who recently started using Blackboard's SafeAssign tool to check for plagiarism in student submissions. I've encountered a persistent issue with one of my students, whose ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Do journals check for plagiarism after a paper is accepted?

When I first submitted an article to a journal, Turnitin showed 10% plagiarism. However, it went through many revisions and each time I added some text, but did not check for plagiarism again, because ...
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12 votes
6 answers

Is it bad to get 40% on TurnitIn?

I submitted my Anthropology paper about abortion in the United States to my teacher, and I saw the Turnitin report being 40%. Needless to say, I almost got a heart attack (figuratively, but it felt ...
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13 votes
4 answers

Can I use plagiarism checker to check the similarity index of my manuscipt?

My university provides access to Turnitin for every student. I have prepared a manuscript ready for submission to a double-blind review conference for September 2023. Is it OK to use the plagiarism ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Online checker for Plagiarism: How accurate are they?

I've finished writing my thesis and have done an online plagiarism check. I used to check and got a lot of plagiarism. I don't understand why. You can find an example ...
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Getting caught by plagiarism checkers [closed]

I've been writing for people but I'm sick of a plagiarism checker known as 1text. It gives plagiarism reports for words and I don't understand why a word can't be the same on different websites. Can ...
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1 answer

About Plagiarism checking for two academic paper which have been published on conference and journal

A friend and I have published one journal paper and one conference paper on the same topic. As I have seen we have made a some mistake in not adding the desired changes to the journal version of that ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Checking Plagiarism among student's work (PDF documents) [duplicate]

I want to check the plagiarism among the students work. I have student's assignments and looking forward if I can make some settings in Turnitin to test the plagiarism only among student's work. I ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Can I exclude my own thesis submission on Turnitin repository saved by mistake?

I uploaded my thesis to a Turnitin ID which my friend got from some other university than where I am studying. Due to some reason, my thesis got uploaded to Turnitin repository and the university is ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Can free plagiarism tools cause plagiarism false positives when students upload content checked with free tools to Turnitin?

As a lecturer, I have advised many students to use a free plagiarism checker tool to verify their work is plagiarism free, when they don't have access to a widely-used paid tool like Turnitin. I ...
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0 votes
2 answers

How can a I check plagiarism free of cost before submitting my research paper?

My graduate school doesn't offer TurnItIn facility. All tools available online charge money. How can a I check plagiarism free of cost before submitting my research paper?
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Do we have any software to check plagiarism in SOPs and LORs? [closed]

Softwares like Turnitin and IThenticate serve the purpose for the plagiarism check of the documents, but they have their own databases to check from and compare with the provided document. According ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Can students use Turnitin to view papers submitted by other students in the class?

Does the Turnitin Similarity Report show students snippets from papers submitted by other students in the same class? For example, say John submits his paper a few days before the due date. Then Tim ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Plagarsim check [duplicate]

Could your own preprints of the same paper on arXiv and other sites be considered as plagiarism when the journal checks this paper using, for example, Turnitin plagiarism program?
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4 votes
1 answer

Plagiarism Tools in Academia

A colleague of mine noticed that one of his co-authors copied and pasted a discussion from another paper into their manuscript. When confronted, the co-author freely and casually admitted to it. My ...
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Check plagiarism before submitting to journal [closed]

Last year, I submitted a paper to the WISA2019 journal. Unfortunately it was rejected. So if I submit that paper to other journals, will Turnitin’s result show a high percentage of plagiarized ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is it wise to upload all the publshed research works to the Standard Paper Repository of Turnitin?

My organization is using Turnitin software and I am the Administrator. Will it be a wise decision to upload all our published research works to the Standard Paper Repository of the software in order ...
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Invitation to anti-plagiarism service Turnitin

I received the following unsolicited email: Subject: A new account Turnitin has been created for you Hi NAME SURNAME, you have been added as a teacher to the account, xxx, by Turnitin xxx ...
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Book publishing used anti_plagiarism tool [closed]

Is all book publishing used plagiarism detection? And can i check plagiarism for old book published from two years and get true percent of similarity? Regards
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8 votes
3 answers

Why would a university restrict publication of work due to plagiarism fears if TurnItIn was used?

I used to host some code I'd written for university assignments publicly on my GitHub account (after the deadlines had passed, of course). Before long, I received an email from the dep't asking me to ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Plagiarism checker for mathematics paper

I recently accepted to referee a mathematics paper. This is my first referring assignment and was wondering if there are free plagiarism checkers more suitable for math papers. side note: Several ...
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3 answers

Does Turnitin match my paper against sources found after I submitted by paper?

I have to submit my dissertation through Turnitin. I am planning on publishing the dissertation on my website a few days after submitting it through Turnitin so future employers can see what kind of ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is there a need to always check for plagiarism?

If you carefully and adequately paraphrase and quote in a given school assignment or a master's essay or thesis (i.e. act ethically), should you use a software or a website to check for plagiarism? Is ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Plagiarism from preprint of paper (from the Arxiv)

Recently we have written a research paper and posted a preprint on the Arxiv to obtain some non-official peer review and to increase the quality of our paper. Till now we have not submitted this paper ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Do authors normally check their own papers for plagiarism?

I was recently asked to review a paper (for a very reputable journal). In the cover letter, it says "This paper has been checked with turnitin to ensure there is no similarity to other papers." I ...
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Plagiarism Checker [duplicate]

My first research paper is due tomorrow and my university does not seem provide students access to Turnitin. There are numerous other plagiarism checkers online but none seem to be reliable. Are ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Which free online academic plagiarism checker is closest to Turnitin?

Which free online academic plagiarism checker is closest to Turnitin by quality standard of rigour? Turnitin features that even somebody plagiarize the context of a passage by use synonyms or simply ...
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3 answers

Potential issues with uploading copyrighted material to TurnItIn?

My university uses TurnItIn to check student's work for plagiarism and collusion. I think the underlying TurnItIn database includes both submitted work and material it has found by crawling the web, ...
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5 answers

What is the acceptable similarity in a mathematics PhD dissertation when checking by Turnitin?

I have checked the originality of my PhD thesis in mathematics using Turnitin. The similarity was 31%. Is this percentage acceptable by most committees?
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3 answers

Plagiarism-checker to prevent self-plagiarism

I am working on my PhD thesis and have to write a monograph based on my publications. To prevent that I plagiarize myself, I came up with the idea to automatically check my thesis against my ...
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