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Questions related to articles and their use that are available online but requiring paid access (paywall).

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Is it true that people willingly provide their articles that were published in journals?

I live in a third world country. I barely make ends meet so I cannot afford to go to college. However my passion for academics never died so I kept self learning with online materials. However beyond ...
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When organizing a conference on, what determines if the videos will be later accessible for free to anyone? is a video platform giving access to lectures from conferences. This is not a spam, I have no affiliations with them. Some academic conferences such as AAAI 2023 and ACL 2023 use ...
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How can I stop getting emails about unwanted registrations to some review websites and asking me to review for random journals? [closed]

I often get automated emails about unwanted registrations to some review websites and asking me to review for random, typically paywalled journals. Is there any to stop or reduce that kind of spam? ...
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Can companies source paywalled scientific articles from authors?

I work for a company in the medical sector that, among other things, conducts literature searches and submits them to regulators for approval prior to product launch. The company currently pays for ...
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Can I cite information from a report summary, if the report is locked behind a paywall?

I've found a market research report which has some really useful information for me, but the report itself is locked behind a paywall, and I've received no response to the mechanism for requesting a ...
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Earnings generated by open-access papers vs. paywalled papers

Is there any research/study/survey that tried to compare the earnings generated by open-access papers (researchers/institutions pay when publishing) vs. paywalled papers (researchers/institutions pay ...
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Are open access papers read by a larger readership than paywalled papers?

One of the potential upsides of open access papers is that they can be accessed by anyone for free, including people who don't live or work in a university. As a result, one might think that non-"...
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Why are most scientific articles locked behind a paywall?

Can someone give me a legitimate, convincing argument as to why scientific papers should be locked behind subscriptions and paywalls? That unless you happen to be on a campus, you can't get view a ...
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Are there any known Universities that refuse to pay for paywall access to academic journals?

Are there any known Universities that refuse to pay for paywall access (for moral, intellectual, inability to pay, or other reasons) to academic journal articles?
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How long does it take before an academic article can no longer be kept behind a paywall?

Just a curiosity: after how many years does publications become public (cannot be kept behind a paywall anymore)?
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Conducting a systematic literature review and paywalls

I am writing a systematic literature review but I was wondering how to handle papers which fit the inclusion criteria but are hidden behind paywalls. Is it ok to exclude them and state as an ...
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8 votes
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How to tell if a paper is behind a paywall?

I am trying to figure out if a paper is open access or not. My university subscribes to many non-open access journals. Some journals offer mixed models where some papers are open access and others are ...
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