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Questions tagged [open-access]

On the open-access publishing model, in which journal articles or other academic works are made available to readers free of charge.

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Is there a flaw in the Elsevier green OA license?

I'm checking the Elsevier article sharing policies and I think there is a problem with their license of the accepted manuscript (post-review article). Indeed, the instructions say: Authors can share ...
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Can you charge open access fees (e.g., publishing in a PLOS journal) to an NIH grant?

Question is in the title. I have researched this myself and this part of the NIH FAQ seems to indicate the answer is "Yes" However, I don't know exactly what ...
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Citing contributors to open source project when publishing to Zenodo

appleseed, our open source (MIT) physically-based rendering software, is used in various circles, one of them being academia. We have been asked to obtain a DOI so that our software could be cited. ...
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how much is a typical budget for publication costs in a five-year project that requires open access?

I need to budget the cost for publication for a European grant that requires open access, either green or gold, and I am struggling to figure out the costs over a five year period. Some ...
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How to cite OER textbooks which have had the title and authors removed?

I would like to cite an OER (Open Educational Resources) book in a concise way. The book is available here. The online pdf of the book says Normally, the author and publisher would be credited ...
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How Reproducible should Data and Analysis Methodology Be?

My question might be a stretch given my lack of formal experience with writing and publishing research papers. But one thing I've noticed in my line of work and reading published papers is that the ...
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How to see submitted manuscript status as co-author for the IEEE Access journal?

The IEEE Access journal's submission has been changed to However, I cannot see the co-author's submitted manuscript in this new system. I would appreciate it if someone ...
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UK: Does my institution incur direct costs when I make use of an open access agreement?

My institution has several publisher agreements that allow me to publish open access without cost (to me). What happens when I make use of such an agreement? Will my university incur direct costs (...
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Is there any single search portal over all open access scholarly materials?

I would like to find a search engine over open access materials of all kinds, but specifically from scholarly publishers. So to be clear, it could be a specialised encyclopedia or encyclopedia article,...
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Author biography information when submitting papers to IEEE Access

I'm about to submit a paper to IEE Access. Since the journal requires author bios at the end of the paper, I have added all the bio information of co-authors. However, when I was preparing the ...
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Will I have to pay VAT or other taxes when paying an article processing charge from India?

Recently my manuscript has been accepted in Nature Scientific Reports, an open access journal. They charge £1,110 to the UK and other countries. Will additional tax be added when transferring the ...
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Google Scholar: how to request indexing of well-known conference

I realized that Google hasn't properly indexed the well-known "Extending Database Technology" (EDBT) conference of 2019. The proceedings are uploaded via OpenProceedings and are usually ...
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