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Questions concerning publication over the internet, including online preprint services, electronic journals, white papers, etc.

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How should I prepare e-prints (pre-prints and post-prints) of already published papers?

I am about to embark on the publication of pre-prints or post-prints of about a dozen papers that have already been published in peer-reviewed journals. I plan to use the SHERPA/RoMEO database to ...
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What query language is most common for e-journal searches?

I need to teach a quick lesson on e-journal searching, e.g. to search for one item, excluding certain terms, or another item. What is the most common query language that students will most likely ...
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Why are some journal articles so expensive? [duplicate]

Why are some journal articles so expensive, such as this article that costs more than $12.55 per page to purchase?
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How much do Springer-Verlag authors make per book sold?

How much do Springer-Verlag authors make per book sold?
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Issues in self-publishing old work. Recommendations for Necromancy?

Main Issue: What credit should be given (and how should it be given) to the alma mater in publicizing old work? Background: I entered and left a Ph.D. program in another millenium. During this time ...
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Can I submit published articles to arXiv as well?

I have several math research articles on my site. Some of my articles are published in open access journals. Some of my articles are currently available only from my site. I may probably publish ...
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When citing a journal paper, should I use the online publication year or the print publication year?

I want to cite a paper which was published online (Open Access) in 2012 and later published in a printed journal issue in 2013. Which publication year should be used in the citation?
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What is the difference between Article File and Related Manuscript File in Nature?

They ask to submit those both files. What is the difference between the two?
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Why does reserve the right to sell, modify, and "exploit" my papers if I post them there?

In's terms of service, it says By making available any Member Content on or through the Site or Services, you hereby grant to a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-...
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Options to publish a paper "as is" without being able to produce "more results"

I had worked on a computer vision problem three years ago, drafted a journal paper and submitted it to a top-tier journal. My rebuttal to the reviewers answered most of their concerns except "more ...
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How long does it take for a citation to show up online?

How long does it take for a cited paper to show up online? I can see a couple of papers that were cited very recently and the papers containing those citations are currently online since a week or two....
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Presenting the publications of a research group online

I'm looking for advice on presenting the research publications of my group on our webpage. Most groups seem to go with a simple publication list, sorted by year and maybe publication type. But there ...
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how to find whether this paper is already available or not, if authors just changed the Paper title & author name?

I am the editor. I received a paper from some author. I need to check whether that same paper is already published in some other journal or not. For example some authors downloaded a paper from some ...
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arXiv identifier near the end of month

If one submit a paper (today) on Oct 30th at 20:00:01 GMT (16:00:01 EDT) on arXiv, which announces on Nov 1st 00:00:00 GMT, is the identifier 1311.xxxx or 1310.xxxx? What is the general policy of ...
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How to search for an open access journal with no publication fee?

I'm having some trouble trying to find a place to publish. Therefore this question is about how to find these places. For this I provide the following example, my particular case. I'm searching for: ...
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Issues with publishing dissertation on an interest/advocacy group's website

I am wondering if it would hurt me (professional creditability etc.) if I publish my dissertation on an interest / advocacy group's website. My dissertation is in one of the areas that this group has ...
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