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Questions concerning publication over the internet, including online preprint services, electronic journals, white papers, etc.

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How Reproducible should Data and Analysis Methodology Be?

My question might be a stretch given my lack of formal experience with writing and publishing research papers. But one thing I've noticed in my line of work and reading published papers is that the ...
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Corrections after paper published online

I recently found that in my recent paper published online before print (online first), I missed two important references and an acknowledgement of someone who helped me. What is the best way forward? ...
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What's the best way to tell the writers of an webpage that they made a mistake?

I was reading this webpage, not sure if webpage is the correct term, and saw that it has a minus sign for the potential 12 describing how the two electrons in a helium atom interact with each other. ...
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Conference that accepted my paper does not yet have a Digital Library link

My paper got accepted for a conference in July 2019 and I even presented my work there. The main page of the conference says they will post the Digital Library link for the 2019 proceedings as soon as ...
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Difference between a research paper and technical note

What is the difference between "Research Article" and "Technical Note"? What purpose do they serve?
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License selection when submitting a paper and uploading it to arxiv at the same time

I am a PhD candidate and I'm going to submit a paper to a journal (let's say to one of top-10 journals related to my topic) and at the same time I'd like to upload that paper to arxiv. I know that ...
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Time waiting for submission to student section of law journals

I have submitted a small piece in two legal Journals, one for the Journal's blog and one for an on-line version of it but haven't heard from them for quite a while. These sections are the only ones ...
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Is there a correlation between submission date on arXiv and citations?

July and October seem to be the months with the highest number of papers submitted, and August the month with the lowest number, in average. I wonder if there is a correlation between the month of ...
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Am I allowed to provide the Camera Ready Copy (CRC) / Preprint of my paper published in Springer Workshop Proceedings online on my homepage?

my work was accepted as workshop paper and the conference was held some weeks ago. Until now, the paper is nowhere published. Last year, the Spriner Workshop Proceedings needed 6 months to publish it. ...
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Publish working paper before submitting to journal

I'm a PhD-student in economics and so far I have no experience with publishing. Before I submit my first article to a journal, I would like to publish it as a working paper. However, I would like to ...
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Is there an aggregated up to date list of published articles?

I'm thinking of an efficient way to stay up to date with recent news from given field (especially in mathematics and its subfields, but it perhaps does not matter for the question itself). Since there ...
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How to select journals that are free of charge and have good reputation for beginning publications as MSc student or individual researcher?

Goal As a MSc student I wrote a systematic review about a machine learning topic. The paper was top-graded. I would like to take advantage and make my first publications in the scientific community, ...
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