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Questions tagged [online-learning]

Questions related to taking courses over the internet or other electronic distance-based coursework.

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Is there a repository for copyrighted academic video lectures?

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread out everybody’s moving to teach online. Would it be possible to post online my video lectures, without sacrificing copyrights, i.e. posting them with a warranty that (...
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Can e-learning self assesment tools be incorporated in engineering education?

Grading homeworks and continuous inventing of new homework problems is time consuming work. Based on positive homework we run pretest elimination. Eg. students who solve homework can attend semestral ...
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Do Chinese universities accept NIOS certificate

I am a former IT (Information Technology) professional from India. I have 5 years of experience in IT. I am planning to join an MBBS course in China or Russia. I cannot pursue this in India because ...
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Error in PDF conversion led to lower score on test

My daughter is a college student. During her test she was required to use their online system to log in and answer the questions, then convert the results to PDF and upload to the professor. She ...
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Has the pandemic changed opportunities for graduate funding for on-line PhDs?

In the past, I wanted to start a part-time PhD in History, but due to my geographic location and unwillingness to move, I realized there were no funding for a student like me. Usually if students want ...
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I want to go to grad school but don't have personal relationships with any of my online professors. What do I do about the LOR requirements?

I am an undergraduate student expecting to graduate next spring, but i've attended online classes for the past 2-3 years and don't normally have much contact with my online professors. I want to apply ...
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What strategies are there for defining learner profiles for an online course aimed at international students?

I am interested in developing a set of postgraduate level courses that will be taught entirely online aimed at a primarily international (non-UK) audience. I am seeking strategies for defining a set ...
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how to finish incomplete master's degree from UCI?

I am an international student. I almost finished masters in CS @ University of California, Irvine with 2 courses as incomplete. Due to health reasons, I had to drop the school and come back to my home ...
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Points to focus on while making a video of an online teaching demonstration for a university teaching position application

I've applied for a mathematics teaching position at a university, and as part of the application process, I'm supposed to submit a video of my teaching. The exact guideline says: "Select a small ...
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Zoom cloud meeting for education

I have a paid (education) plan of Zoom cloud meeting. I use it for my university classes. I would like to get meeting participants’ names. How can I get that?
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Doing Bachelors degree in Maths as distant education for Phd in Mathematics after regular Master's in Optics

I finished my masters in Optics(5 years bachelors+masters together) recently. In the course I had to study subjects like Classical mechanics, Statistical Mechanics,Electrodynamics, Quantum physics and ...
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