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Questions related to the creation of and the taking of exams administered online.

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Is a professor allowed to take off points for an assignment they messed up?

This is my final week in this class and our final project included an essay, presentation, and discussion board responses to the presentations. This is an online class so we depend on the availability ...
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Error in PDF conversion led to lower score on test

My daughter is a college student. During her test she was required to use their online system to log in and answer the questions, then convert the results to PDF and upload to the professor. She ...
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How can I prove that my students bought their exam answers?

If you google some obvious search phrases, you will find a number of web sites where students can pay people to take their online exams for them. If I am convinced that a student has used such a ...
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Missed online exam, Is there anything I can do?

Prior to this morning, there was no indication that the exam would only be at a specific time window. Nothing on the syllabus, class schedule, calendar, announcements.... I could go on. Nada- nothing ...
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Is it practically possible to conduct examinations without human supervision?

I am contemplating a mechanism where mass entrance examinations will be conducted fully online with zero human supervision. But the main hurdle seems to be mass cheating. For instance, in countries ...
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