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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Norway which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Applied to Ph.D. position in Norway; process has taken 5 months so far [duplicate]

So I applied to two positions in Norway, and the process has been slow. I know it would be slow but not this slow. For the 1st position: I knew it would open because of a professor who was interested ...
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masters thesis format for PhD application [closed]

There is a particular PhD application I am currently applying to a professor but he needs a copy of my masters thesis. How do I go about uploading? Am I uploading the whole master's thesis as it is, ...
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Are Norwegian advertised salaries net or gross?

Different countries have different ways of giving a salary range, in some countries I have noticed that the job posting explicitly says "estimated net salary". Now I am wondering about ...
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When is a reference asked to submit a recommendation letter during postdoc hiring? [closed]

I have applied to a postdoc position at NTNU in Norway. I was invited to an interview and I think it went okay, they indicated that a decision would be reached within 1 week due to the urgency of this ...
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Seeking advice on effective follow-up for postdoc offer letter

I recently sent a cold email to a research group at the University of Oslo for a postdoc position and they seemed interested and asked me to apply to an already open position (even if I was not a good ...
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What is the typical time between application and contact for a postdoc on Norway?

I recently applied to a postdoc position in Norway, this was an advertised role in an engineering department rather than a fellowship application. I had a brief email exchange with the hiring ...
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What is the meaning of Immigrant Background in a job application?

I am in the process of application for a job. One of the questions is about immigrant background as follows: Applicants who state that they have immigrant background will be assessed in accordance ...
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What is the meaning of "Mobility" in applying for postdoc positions

I am going to apply for postdoc position in math. I have been asked for some documents titled "Previous Mobility" and "Scientific background". I do not know what I can put in Previous Mobility, ...
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Can a Master's program be continued at a university in another country?

I am working on my Master's in Norway as an international student. Unfortunately, international students aren't allowed more than 3 years for a Master's in Norway, but I've only completed 60 of the ...
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What can I do about my institution taking a long time to correct a mistake in my transcript?

In January of 2016, I completed a Master's in Library and Information Sciences in Norway. My transcripts were verified and signed by three universities as it was a joint course in collaboration of ...
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Hiring Process in Norway for Postdocs

Many months ago I applied for a postdoc position in a university in Norway. About one month ago I got a letter from the university with an evaluation of all candidates. In this evaluation, I was ...
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