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Questions pertaining to those at an academic institution who do not pursue an academic career, e.g., administrators, technicians, IT

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Recommendation letters for multiple applications

I am planning to apply to a lot of positions including faculty positions, postdocs, and in the industry. I do have a list of recommenders who would recommend me. My question is, if I apply for 100 ...
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How do UK universities retain academic staff?

I was born and educated in the UK but have spent the entirety of my career working in the US in government and higher education. I'm not, and never have been, a faculty member but rather part of the '...
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Title for a non-PhD researcher?

I do not have a PhD, nor am I pursuing one, in the United Kingdom. What title could I be given, if I worked as a paid researcher at a university, but I was not a PhD student or PhD graduate? The level ...
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What's the career progression of associate scientific editor at a major publishing house?

As someone who has been offered a position with Springer Nature as an associate scientific editor, I am unclear about the career progression in such an industry? I am currently a 2 year postdoc in ...
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Rejecting Postdoc Extension for Other Grant Management Opportunities

I helped my PhD supervisor to secure a funding for an 18-month project in 2019. My supervisor got the grant in April 2020 and she asked me to consider doing a postdoc under the project. I was not very ...
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How should an independent researcher introduce him/herself in his/her to be submitted articles? [duplicate]

As we all know, all academic professors or students who want to submit an article (research or review) to a journal should write their affiliations (their institute name and job there) on the first ...
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Have US universities seen a significant increase in administrative workforces relative to academic activity?

I was recently made aware of a study (caveat: from 2014) indicating that, supposedly, US academic institutions have taken on non-academic staff at a much higher overall rate than the increase in the ...
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Applying for Masters Program at University I work at as a Developer [closed]

I am currently a developer for a middle tier software company in the US. I have this job despite a bachelor's in economics. With my employers blessing, flexibility with working hours, but with my ...
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Are university lawyers usually faculty members or “just” support staff?

Many universities will have a Faculty of Law whose academic staff would be largely (or entirely) composed of certified lawyers; I imagine that the same would be true of many of their PhD students. ...
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How to valorize Volunteering work in a NPO

How to valorize Volunteering work for a Non-Profit organization, outside academic duties, such as: Webmastering work Technical support and consultancy Other operation/tactical duty I am not talking ...
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How should an administrative assistant reply to student addressing them as "Professor" or "Doctor"?

As an administrative assistant at a major university, I regularly field questions from prospective applicants and students. Occasionally, in response to my reply the author will address me as "...
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How formal should I be when sending an email to the University's staff?

I'm about to write an email to the department of an English speaking University (I'm not a native speaker) to clear up some doubts I have regarding enrollment. I have never spoken to them before. How ...
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I have to leave my PhD program with a Masters degree. What are my options? [closed]

I started out in one of the best PhD programs in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (at an American university) two-years ago. I took my qualifying exams last month, which I could not clear (twice) and ...
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Who is typically in charge of a typical US graduate school?

I was studying the website of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ... Obviously an impressive institution with a broad scope. But I wonder who is in charge of the operation. For example, ...
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“Ability to solve problems through the standard application of theoretical principles” in a position description?

I am trying to apply for a job in a university research office, administering honour’s, master’s and PhD thesis submissions. The selection criteria are: Demonstrated ability to apply theoretical ...
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Acknowledgment as technician. Do I list them in the CV? How?

I’m a technician that has done some work in a research group, and I get some acknowledgments in the papers. A fellow technician in the university has told me that for us, technicians, they are ...
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