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Questions tagged [neuroscience]

Neuroscience is a psychological and medical term for questions about the workings of the brain and the nervous system generally.

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do I have chance to PhD program with masters GPA 3.5? [duplicate]

I study master in Anatomical Sciences it's my 3rd semester and my Gpa is 3.52 in my region, there is no master's program in Neuroscience so I could choose related programs I have 3 other semesters on ...
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Career Planning to optimize for Biomedical Research [closed]

I completed my A-levels with good grades (4.0) and want to work as a biomedical researcher (I am not so certain about the specific field but for now I really like Neuroscience especially Brain-Machine-...
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Lecturing in different fields

Do you need several PhD’s to lecture in different fields (cognitive neuroscience and psychology)? Usually?
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Is it possible to get into a phD program without research experience straight from undergrad?

A little background on myself: I am a senior in undergrad with a major in Neuroscience and Cognitive science and minors in biochemistry and math. I switched my major fairly late and I never got the ...
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I want to study human brain and consciousness. Should i study neuroscience or neuro-physics? [closed]

I am a high school student and my dream is to study about human brain and consciousness. Which subject should I study in university, neuroscience or neuro-physics (which is a branch of biophysics)?
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Submitting two related papers to two journals simultaneously [duplicate]

I have spent 2+ years working on a project in computational neuroscience that has interest for clinicians and now I am starting to write the paper text. I want to submit it to one of neurology-related ...
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What Are Companion Journals?

Elsevier launched new NeuroImage: Report as a companion journal to NeuroImage. What does companion mean here in terms of publishing content, cite-score and impact factors.
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Loss of novelty while under review

Asking this question for a friend (also motivated by this PhD thesis: novelty at the time of proposal but not submission). Field: Neuroscience. Initially, when the paper was written up, there was no ...
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How to choose good journal in neuroscience with no fee? [closed]

I'm a post-doc but with some other post-doc from other labs we are doing research in neurosciences in our free time, and so we are not funding for these projects. But we would like to publish in a ...
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Master's necessary post-PhD for switching field (neuroscience -> bio/statistics)? [closed]

I have a PhD in Neuroscience and am currently a postdoc. Until now, I have been pursuing a career as an independent investigator (PI) in neurobiology. I've had a change of heart because I don't want ...
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