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For questions specifically related to the position and treatment of members of any minority group in academia. Replace with a more specific tag when appropriate. Alternatives include discrimination, diversity, ethnicity, and gender.

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Transitioning, First Name Change [duplicate]

I have begun my transition (MtF) and my PhD. This includes, once I have jumped through all the legal hoops, changing my given name. I already have a publication, its very minor, but still I would like ...
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How can faculty best telegraph work-life balance challenges under COVID to our administration?

Work-life balance is more challenging for faculty than ever under COVID-19. What are equitable, privacy sensitive ways to telegraph needs at the individual level? What are acceptable accommodations ...
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Gender, Independence, and Authorship [closed]

I have attended a few panels on applying to post-doctoral/junior faculty positions, and the topic of authorship and research direction always came up. All of the faculty on these panels noted that ...
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Do US universities publish an official definition of what constitutes a particular race/ethnicity in the context of scholarships or admissions?

As an example, let's say someone with 1/16 of African American heritage applies for a minority scholarship and claims themselves as African American. Would they be rejected, all other factors being ...
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Non Anglo and older grad school applicant [duplicate]

I am 49 years old, Psychologist with MA in Psych, PhD in Public Health and postdoc at University of Toronto. However,all my academic background here stated is from Brazil and I have been facing some ...
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How do I incorporate/emphasize my experiences teaching at an HBCU?

I have an adjunct position teaching at an HBCU (Historically black colleges and universities). I was wondering what is the best way to emphasize teaching at a minority institution on my CV? Where do ...
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Are universities strongly associated with ethnic minority groups a thing outside the USA?

This question asks about the history of why Howard University in Washington, DC, USA has remained a school whose student and faculty bodies are predominantly African-American. Do "historically [...
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