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What do "minor" and "major" mean (in relation to degrees)?

I hear "major" and "minor" when discussing college/university degrees, e.g. having a major in X and a minor in Y. What does it mean to have a "major" or "minor" ...
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May not be able to finish minor that I noted on my PhD applications

I applied to graduate schools and have a couple of interviews lined up in February. I listed my statistics minor on my application (which is declared on my transcript and everything) but I may not be ...
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How does getting an undergraduate minor instead of a major affect graduate admissions in the same area?

I'm currently a second year undergraduate student at UCSC well on my way towards a double major in Computer Science and Chemistry. I'm interested in either pursuing a graduate degree in Chemistry (...
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How do academic minors work? [closed]

How much in practice would someone minoring in a subject end up knowing about the subject as opposed to somebody majoring in it? How much extra work does it take to get a minor?
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Can a degree program require students to get a minor in another field?

I recently found a Computer Science BA degree program that requires, as part of the program requirements, students to get a minor in a second department. They say this is done to provide the student ...
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Development Economics Minor for CS Major [closed]

I am an undergrad CS Major and am looking to minor in Development Economics, basically economics for understanding challenges created by world poverty (this is the only form of an economics minor that ...
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I took minor degree courses for which I have no official record - do I mention them in my phd application?

Note: this is all in Europe. I am in the process of applying for a phd position. I think I have a decent chance (albeit still small of course) of getting the position, since it matches my profile and ...
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Does a minor obtained in a graduate school matter?

Some universities require that each graduate student have a minor. I wonder whether it is helpful in the long run? For example, if one has PhD in mathematics with a minor in philosophy, would it be ...
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Double major vs single major and multiple minors [closed]

I am currently enrolled at the engineering school of a large university (as a freshman). I am set on majoring in Computer Science, and have been taking courses towards the requirements of that major. ...
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Do minors and/or non-major courses affect grad school admissions?

Basically what it says in the heading, lengthy explanation below At my university, just completing your major and general ed courses won't get you enough credits to graduate. This means that we have ...
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Is it possible to be admitted to graduate programs in subjects one minored in in undergraduate?

I'm currently studying electrical engineering and considering on getting both a physics and math minor. I'm wondering though, is it possible to get a Ph.D. or a Master's degree in Physics or Math when ...
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Why is having multiple college majors seen as a bad thing when applying to graduate school?

I have been told that triple (or more) majoring and/or taking numerous minors is seen as a bad quality when applying to graduate school. Can anybody explain we why they do not want academically ...
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What is the importance of a very tangentially related minor in grad school applications?

In an effort to keep this question generalizable, I'll try to be as vague as possible. I'm majoring in a softer science (getting a BA), while doing research in a much harder science which could be ...
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Do admissions care about one's minor?

If I am a biology major from a lower tier liberal arts school, and I wanted to make myself more attractive for future applications( ie: grad school, job listings), should I bother obtaining a minor in ...
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