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Performing a systematic review of previous literature

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Can we add articles downloaded from Sci-Hub to a meta-analysis study?

Is it safe and legal to add articles downloaded from Sci-Hub to a meta-analysis study(unpublished)? Will it make any difference? Are there any consequences?
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Term for a meta-analysis without a literature review

I'm in the midst of revising a manuscript that compares the results of a sequence of experiments. These experiments, most of whose results have already been published elsewhere, have some components ...
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Software to extract citations and abstracts for meta-analysis [closed]

I am conducting a meta-analysis and searching pertinent articles in PubMed. The typical scenario is to apply a dedicated search string, and then retrieve between 50 and 5000 citations including the ...
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Must meta-analyses or systematic reviews have more than one author?

My colleagues argue that a meta-analysis / systematic review needs at least two data collectors (or authors according to them) as a "must". I have not found any reference in the PRISMA (or any other ...
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Why are meta-analyses the most quoted type of research paper despite being often flawed?

Meta-analysis represents the statistical pooling of several individual studies focusing on a specific research question, ideally conducted within the context of a systematic review of the scholarly ...
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Using Google Scholar for meta-analysis

I'm working on a meta-analysis proposal/protocol, and one of the databases I would like to use is Google Scholar because of an anticipated scarcity in papers on the topic of my meta-analysis, and I'm ...
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Expected size of search results for a meta-analysis?

I'd like to perform a meta-analysis on the efficacy of web-based counsellor interventions across different modalities (text counselling, video counselling, etc.) To do so I created the following ...
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Meta-analysis of previous published dataset - who to include as coauthor?

I recently published a paper, which includes a link to a data repository in which that data is available. Now, with other researchers, we are combining our datasets in a meta-analysis. I was wondering ...
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How to batch download papers from a reference list without DOI?

I'm looking to download some papers from a reference list in an Excel file which consisted of all the basic info about a paper (e.g., author, year, title, publication, etc.) but unfortunately not the ...
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Systematic Reviews: Is there a systematic way to decide which databases and sources to search?

I am conducting a systematic review with meta-analysis soon and wondering, is there a systematic way to decide on which databases and other sources (publications and grey literature) to search? It ...
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Is it acceptable to do a meta-analysis for a systematic review done by somebody else? [closed]

I hope I'm asking in the right place. Otherwise, I apologize. I'm a medical student and I want to do a systematic review and meta-analysis on a therapy of a certain disease. In the literature, there ...
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Can I mention the 'primary study' analyzed in the meta-analysis as a supplementary material?

Most papers written in Chinese were included in the meta-analysis. There are about 40 papers included in the systematic review, and about 20 meta-analyzed papers. Since it was cumbersome to mention ...
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Bibliometrics analyses with Pubmed metadata

I just started to have interest into bibliometric analyses, and so far I am struggling to understand the tons of copyright policies. However, these are (from my opinion) quite vague and with too much ...
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How to summarize and illustrate evidence based on several meta-analyses?

I need to find a good way to summarize and illustrate the evidence of several meta-analyses (e.g. 20 papers). As far as I know, their conclusions are commonly made on two scales: effect size (does X ...
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How to exclude one OR either terms in Google Scholar

I am carrying out a meta analysis for my PhD using Google Scholar as well as Scopus and Web of Science. I am wanting to find all papers which document the presence of alien or invasive or non-...
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How long should I wait for Prospero registration?

I am currently in process of conducting two systematic review and meta-analysis. I have filled in the registration of my reviews in Prospero, yet I have not received any response from the Prospero. I ...
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