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Questions tagged [mega-collaborations]

Scientific collaborations involving hundreds or thousands of authors; for instance, the publications which gather the results of the LHC/CERN experiments.

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2 answers

Is completely remote collaboration with colleagues from other cities/regions/countries possible in practice? (technical and natural sciences)

In fact, one group of scientists from one city/country for another group from another city/country are remote co-workers (employees). This means that you need to choose one of several formats for ...
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Who decides the references in collaboration papers and how to get relevant papers from our group cited in those collaboration papers?

I come from a Theoretical Physics background and we are working on some interesting topics related to black holes and neutron stars. In present times, various collaboration like the Gravitational ...
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27 votes
5 answers

How do massive research projects manage conflicts of interest?

I am a machine learning researcher, and my field is beginning to embrace the massive, multi-institution collaborations that have become common in other sciences. For example, I am a coauthor on this ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Using the h-index to compare researchers from different fields

We are all aware that the h-index of a researcher is the metric for evaluating the cumulative impact of his/her research publications. I am asking the question regarding a doubt that arises when we ...
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Participation of multiple researchers in our project

We have set up with colleagues in two other institutions a project that creates software prototypes for our discipline. We are creating the software prototypes so that we use them as stepping stones ...
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2 answers

Should I accept authorship on large collaborations for which I have made little contribution?

I have just started a post-doc. So far all of my papers have had small author lists (4-5 people). I have just been invited as a co-author on several papers with hundreds of authors. The papers are ...
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17 votes
4 answers

How is an experimental particle physicist evaluated?

As an undergraduate student majoring in physics, I intend to apply for a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics. I have known that working as physicists in this field is kind of different, as they are ...
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Becoming a referee if authoring mostly in large collaborations

As we all know, in the average academic field a researcher who authored relevant papers in a field, may be asked to serve as journal referee. Relevance is typically judged by his contribution to the ...
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History of mega-collaborations

Curiosity spurred by this recent question: what were the first mega-collaboration papers (hundreds/thousands of authors)? Which institution/project/experiment started them? How were they received at ...
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15 votes
1 answer

How does authorship work in large collaborations?

I am not in a field in which large (twenty authors or more) collaborations are common. However, I have always been interested in how authorship is distributed in those cases, particularly for ...
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3 answers

When citing a paper with a lot of authors; is it OK to shorten the author list in the references section?

I want to cite a paper that has a lot of authors. The list of authors take up half a page in my reference list, and considering the prospect of paying for extra pages, I would like to shorten it, if ...
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31 votes
2 answers

How does peer-review work for "gigantic" collaboration projects?

Big collaboration projects such as LHC experiments (ATLAS, ALICE _e.g.) and LIGO result in academic papers featuring hundreds or even more than 1000 authors. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in fields ...
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16 votes
2 answers

How do hiring/promotion/grant committees assess individual applicants who've authored papers with huge teams

While reading this slightly-too-snarky question, I was reminded of a slightly more serious question I’ve wondered about from time to time: how does being one of the 1000+ authors on a paper like the ...
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6 answers

What is the point of listing 1000 authors for a single scientific paper?

I arrived at the printer room this afternoon to collect my printing and I happened to notice that someone was yet to collect a printout of the gravitational waves paper that has been all over the ...
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Standing out in the era of big science

How do scientists who choose to work on big collaborative projects (e.g. LHC experiments, LIGO, etc.) differentiate themselves when time comes to apply for post doc/professor positions, considering ...
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3 answers

How are citations used to fairly compare researchers: fewer publications and fewer co-authors versus more publications with many co-authors

As a recently graduated researcher in the field of physics, I am in the early stages of establishing my scientific career, which involves being hired by senior researchers and professors. Much of the ...
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